Fairhope Special Meeting

Jack Burrell is calling a special meeting on Friday the 29th at 8:00 am.

This is Jack’s way of covering his ass with his hand picked attorney. For years the city has talked about a full time city attorney. Not Jack. He does not care about what it cost the city as long as he is in control.

Jack may get more than he wished for Friday, and he deserves it.

Wake up Fairhope, especially the women. Burrell is a bully and his antics are costing Fairhope taxpayers and has had a demoralizing effect on city employees.


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Yaya sistahood

Jack is a mad man.


Oh he’s gonna be.


This is something that could go either way. It is about $. A full time attorney WHO WOULD TAKE THE JOB will probably not be an expert in many areas. So do you save litigation expense with them ? Of course a cheaper route would be for EVERYONE to behave so there were fewer potential suits.. I do not subscribe to the Mayor’s premise that a full time attorney is obviously better. It seems whenever something does not gomher way she claims she is a victim. I predict 3 years from now you will see a majority of the Council decide not to run for reelection and that the Mayor will dominate the agenda. Not so confident that she will do a good job. Seems to have a problem keeping down spending.


Jack was sued in federal court today.


Jack spay the Mayor today.