The older I get the more important Veterans Day becomes. A couple of things really grate on me when it comes to veterans and politicians. First, I have watched politicians parade veterans in front of City council meetings and political rallies and forums solely for their own political benefit. Another thing is how at City Council meetings each meeting begins with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. In the same meeting you may witness an all male council bully and berate a female Mayor or to deny Free Speech to citizens of their community.

We are all ready to raise the flag several times a year in remembrance and respect for our country and flag, and pledge allegiance to the United States. We are guaranteed Constitutions Rights, that we too often assume elected officials will defend, not offend.



Fairhope is at a crossroads and if the community allows Council President Jack Burrell to ban people from speaking during the city council meetings, at public participation, then we have chosen the…


We, the citizens, have the responsibility to defend our rights and demand elected officials respect those rights, regardless of political party. We have a right to question, and expect an answer, of elected officials without having our rights threatened, denied or silenced.

Veterans Day is a day I think of friends, and my first cousin Freddie, who gave their lives in Vietnam. It is a day when I become energized to fight political corruption and hypocritical self serving politicians. It is a day when I recognize my rights come with responsibilities that include challenging the status quo.

Veterans Day is a reminder of lives lost for our freedom and should be a reminder of our responsibility, every one of us, to defend those Constitutional rights by exercising the right of Free speech.

I salute all Veterans of all wars and pledge never to forget your sacrifice.

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Which war did Burrell serve?

A Proud Veteran

NONE! Only his personal wars against a wonderful community with wonderful people wanting the best for their city and families. Burrell would have never been allowed to serve and as a veteran myself I feel so lucky that Burrell didn’t serve. I’m afraid he would have killed one of us! Traitors are not meant to be Veterans In the first place. I know his Farher or his wife’s Father can’t be a Veteran either or they both would have beat the hell out of Jack several times for the disrespect he shows not just women but all people. Don’t think he hasn’t sexually harassed someone. Certainly has done his share of harassing the hell out of everyone in this city!

Ole Fairhoper

Burrell also defends the right to free speech in city meetings when… oh wait, sorry, he DENIES them I meant to write. But Burrell would never deny them to a veteran- would he?

McCain and the rest! GO!!!!

Since Veteran’s Day has passed I thought the good people of Alabama should know that it is a FACT that Senator John McCain is worthless and has done more harm than good for this country. After interviewing a couple of “Really Great Men who were all members of the same squadron during the time McCain was shot down and captured, his own men considered him to be unprofessional, a danger to the group and a terrible drunk certainly without question. It was told to me that it was about 90%of his own fault for being shot down and captured and they both said nobody wished to have a thing to do with McCain, much less having to fly next to him. They said he might have worked with the enemy and helped them so that he would be treated better. Now, McCain wants to be on the TOP of the list for having Roy Moore removed from the ballot even though there had not been a single thing proven that Moore did anything wrong. What timing???? McCain and the Washington Post are back room drinking buddies for years and have worked together to lie, cheat or steal material or make… Read more »

Georgia Orwell

No words…….I am not a huge McCain lover after he saddle America with the very ignorant Sarah Palin (which is why he lost the election).

However, this poster must be the biggest loser on the planet! The Roy Moore story was not brought to us by the very liberal NYT. The Wash Post is the most balanced and fair reporting that we have remaining (LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle & New York Times are too liberal and Fox News just makes it up as it goes).

I hate that anyone in Fairhope could have posted such trash supporting a freak like Moore.

Sage Advice

WAPO is a liberal rag. Bite your tongue! Look I am mildly conservative, especially on finances, but Roy Moore is not a good candidate and he will NOT be a good choice for AL.


If you think the Washington Post is the most Fair and Balanced reporting we have left.
I say you are right about one thing in your statement the word “LEFT”.
The Washington Post owned by Bezos and is the most anti-American left leaning FAKE NEWS paper ever!
So you get the MORON of the DAY award


Georgia, I think you are like Fox News. You make things up as you go. However, if you fact check Fox News, you will find that its reporting is truer than all of the rest put together and they don’t slam our president with fake news every 10 minutes. If the Washington Post didn’t have Trump to write about, it would be a paper full of Amazon ads. You seem to not bother showing just how goofy you are. You and Jeff Bezos are two peas in a pod. Time for you to get!


Looks like you are the freak, Georgia Orwell. Anything that you have ever posted in here is such crap that people actually feel sorry for you and don’t want to hurt your feelings. But you are a disgrace to this site everytime you post something. You want to call someone the biggest loser in Fairhope. Look in the freakin Mirror, you liberal freak. You always say that you know so many things about certain subjects. When you are really just blowing smoke up peoples asses because you don’t know any of the facts! That is one thing you have proven over and over again.


Hey Georgia Orwell. Anything that you would like to complain about or bring to the surface during the past 40 years? It’s was the Washington Post that posted the Roy Moore story first. Not the New York Times. If you been sexually harassed in the past 40 years. Now is the time to come forward. Get your facts straight. Loser!!! Read the damn news before you start your bitching! Then you won’t look as stupid as you do when you post something crazy. Facts! They are easy to get especially about a story this old. Roy Moore is filing a law suit against the Washington Post. As you would say, “why isn’t he filing it against the New York Times” It’s time for you to do some soul searching.

Georgia Orwell

Seriously…….do you people even know how to read?
Also…..wait and see if you live long enough to see Moore file against anyone. He depends upon the ignorant and disinterested for his base.

Sad that we have so many in FH. Too many things wrong with this to even begin, but I now understand why Alabama is trash and no one will bring a new business.


Georgia, we were here long before you moved here. YOU need to learn to read and stop making things up.

Hey look, evidence. Democrats and John McCain went back in time to make Moore look bad.


John McCain is a prick and a leach that has screwed all republicans and democrats. A disgrace to veterans and someone that can only win a fight by knocking someone else down. Dishonest. Plays the blame game regarding everything good or bad!!!


Did you watch Hanity. Moore said when asked if he dated a 14 year old or 17 year old that he doesn’t recall dating a 17 year old. Ask me if I dated a 14 or 17 year old at the age of 32 and the answer is hell no! But go ahead and vote for your good Christian man.


I think that everyone deserves as much as a chance as anyone else. But, if Roy Moore cannot be consistent. He needs to go!!! I’m a Republican who had dug in for the long haul and have not been persuaded by any person whatsoever. If the people cannot get correct and consistent answers from Roy Moore. I’ll say it again. Before Alabama kicks off at 11am on Sunday. He would be gone and a new game plan be already out in place. Whatever that may be???


He already did. Jack will soon eat humble pie. The soccer fields are a disgrace Jack. That was you and Boone who made coin!


Let’s not forget about Amy Thompson. Isn’t she still raising and spending money on the same soccer fields. World class bullshit. All of them.


Amy Thompson is nothing but a damn FAKE ASS Fairhopian. There are others of her buddies who are as well. Always causing trouble because she hasn’t had to do a damn thing since she got married. Her while family thinks their shit doesn’t stink. I can smell all of them all the way from 10 miles outside the city limits where they live but forces the politicians of Fairhope to give special treatment to her and her kids and let them attend Fairhope City schools for 10 years or better but wanted to keep us outside the city limits from attending ANY Fairhope school. Piss in that. Break the law, try to separate the schools and help screw up the soccer fields more than they already are. Doesn’t that sound like a scorn bitch trying to destroy Fairhope! Wish we knew why she has continued to punish Fairhope and cause problems and break the laws and rules that we have had established for years. Tell us Amy Thompson. Why do you try and screw Fairhope everyday that you wake up!!!!

F the NFL

Just got back in town and wanted to say thank you and how grateful me and my family are to all those who serve or have served in our armed forces. Veterans are the back bone of this country as well as the women and men who stayed back state side in past wars and helped keep the country running. I think all my fellow veterans will agree. All these brave men and women and those who serve in today’s time are in my opinion “people that have not let out country go down the tube anymore than it did. I also just finished watching a news show called 60 minutes that does a pretty good job with the exception of the blatant liberalism they project sometimes. CBS is probably the best network to depend on the truth with a few exceptions of shows like 60 minutes not respecting the hard work that our veterans have done to keep this country together. Without us. It would have fallen apart a long time ago. 60 minutes did as always their best to try and inflate the blame game especially on the military. Things in War are terrible and mistakes happen. All… Read more »


NFL may never recover. Roger Good for nothing is asking for fifty million per year in salary.


I wish you were as passionate about the corruption in Baldwin County

Will get there

How do you know that I’m not????


if you are, you sure are quite, many in the community have been raising hell for years and are just now seeing results.


Quite???? For the past 4 years you have known me but did not realize all the investigation work that I have been doing. I even have the Alabama Ethics’s Commision runnning scared for the first time in 20 plus years. Be patient. I will announce who I am and what I’m doing for Fairhope VERY soon. I gave 2 of the councilmen a chance to do the right thing and not get trapped with the 3 devils. There is still a little time. But everyone in Fairhope will know just how terrible these 5 councilmen can be. God would not approve. I can promise you that. Guilty by association has been offered to 2 of them. They have chosen to bow to Jack Burrell. The man with the pointed tail and the red pitchfork! Amen!

Mr. Compassion

I am as just as compassionate about Fairhope. It will all work out. The “hateful and cruel sinners” of this Fairhope will get theirs. This I promise everyone. The 5 monkeys that sit up there during each council meetings will be dealt with. Two of them have had a chance to improve and even distance themselves from some of the evils but chose to sign the same contract with the devil. I can assure you that all 5 of these assholes will go down and down and some of them who actually have a few good friends and a fine family will always be known as the sorry bunch that did their best to ruin Fairhope. ALL their friends and family members will be shown and will be reminded for the rest of their lives that they were part of 5 guys who should have burn in hell “yesterday”!


Hey NFL Dude. You are right about all that you posted. Thought you should know that San Francisco 49’s Oliver Vernon did kneel in the afternoon game. He is Black of course! Black NFL player only care about their money. They don’t give a rat’s ass about America. They are the ones who actually won’t to stay far away from the ones they call the N word. Fact!

Thorton Wilder

Anybody planning to run against Jack? I heard a black person is considering.

F! Burrell!

Black person is fine to run against Jack Burrell. As long as he is not an NFL Player who took a knee. He’s got my vote!

Georgia Orwell

I think that we should actively try to recruit people like Mike Lyons & other downtown business owners who are aware of the problems…….also, Skip Jones, Pat Achee, Mary Riser, Paul Fontenot, Terry Thompson, etc……..

Fake news Georgia Orwell

Hey Georgia Orwell, why don’t you call up the Washington Post and ask them who they think should be a good candidate. No one here in Fairhope wants your opinion anymore since you praised The Washington Post. There are a lot of smart people in Fairhope and one thing they know for sure is that you had no credibility to begin with. Maybe you can start writing for the Washington Post. You should at least apologize for putting out FAKE NEWS and saying that the Washington Post is best media source for info and that the New York Times first published the Roy Moore story when it was in fact the Washington Post who first broke the story. Next you will be saying that you were sexually harassed by Roy Moore also. Shut the F up!!!!


You must not have read the post. Georgia Orwell said that it was NOT the NYT that broke the story and she believed it because it was published by the Washington Post.


The Ripp Report wants to here Georgia Orwell’s opinion. Some people will not accept facts even if they witness the event, Moore is not qualified for US Senator, he disqualified himself, long ago, all the new revelations only add to the disqualification


I agree. She does stand for Fake News no matter if you are for or totally against Moore. Georgia Orwell is illiterate since she said that the New York Times broke the story and that the Washington Post was a great source. You two need to hook up and understand how shit works in this world.
1. Washington Post Sux and broke the Roy Moore story
2. They New York post sux some too, but didn’t break the story
3. I will agree on Roy Moore and his troubles. But if you cast a stone. Do it as a person who has never committed a sin.
4. Those of you who cast a stone. There is only one that hasn’t committed sin on this Earth. It’s Jesus Christ for all you lost liberals.


You are totally indany



Truth Teller

Oh, yes, let’s get the mayors fake husband to run for council. Oh, wait, he’s just her fake husband when it puts money in his pocket and takes it away from another business. And if he decides to run, let’s talk to his employee who he forced to take the fall for the pot that was in Mike’s truck when said employee got pulled over…That’s definitely who I want running our town…

Aunt Pittypat

Mike Lyons??? Surely you jest!!! He wants you to think he is FUNNY!!! He is of the same caliber as some of the good ol boys that are now holding office!! Do your HOMEWORK ON THESE PEOPLE!!!


Oh truth teller. When the pricks start showing up it’s time to move on to another subject. Your own mother thinks you are an disgrace. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in between your eyes. All of us know that. Come on back with something. You really don’t count as a human being. Troll that keeps on Trolling. Heard you kneel before every Fairhope football game. Lol! Go F on another site. You stink too much!!!


Truth Teller….biggest prick in the world. You are one lonely SOB!!! Damn, you have to be the last piece of scum at the bottom of the barrel. I have to admit it though. You being a shithead certainly doesn’t bother you very much. Tell Jack Burrell we said hello. I’ll send that lub you requested.

Truth Teller

The truth hurts, doesn’t it???


Yes to actually see the word Truth Teller who only tells lies. Hurts so bad. Don’t know what I’m going to do. Help. Shit! Truth Teller. You wouldn’t know if truth hit you between your eyes. You lied in the beginning and have never stopped. Whimpy little person. Have your fun.

Hey Truth Teller

Truth Teller!!! The best thing that could happen for Fairhope is see you in an Isis video. You certainly have never been a good example of a decent human being.

Truth Teller

I guess if your definition of “decent” is committing multi-year fraud against another business, throwing an employee under the bus, voter fraud, among many other things then I hope I’m not decent by your standards. Folks are getting their boo boo feelings hurt when I speak the truth. Go ask Mr. Lyons. I’d like to hear him deny it. Y’all just resort to name calling when I post facts. Sticks and stones people. Sticks and stones….


There are documents that back up what of Truth Teller is saying, these documents are of public record and can be found if you look. When you think you are smarter than others, you leave a trail that an auditor can show – on my – they are in big trouble. If he runs then he becomes a public figure, and the documents will all come out.

Hey Punks

Oh my Jester and Truth Teller and Bay Gazer. Post all you want. Nobody puts any faith in your dumbass comments. Never have!

Hey Truth Teller

Like I said before Truth Teller. The best thing for Fairhope is to see you in an Isis commercial? I’m sorry, after they beheaded you. Then you will for the first time become a decent human being.




Also, don’t forget that Mike’s was married to his own sister on a mortgage deed. Opps! That is who needs to be on the council, yeah, Mike does not live in Fairhope.


Mike Lyons is not without sin.

Koota Kentay

There’s a ton of white guilt in Fairhope. I could see Booby Jack taking out Newbie Jack.

Cornelius Holmes

Time to audit the soccer fields. No level playing field means no world class soccer complex meant to draw tournaments from around the world. Amy Thompson is running her trap talking mess about huge soccer tourneys coming to Fairhope. Well if they do it’s to learn how to talk crap and do even less for taxpayers. We have been completely hoodwinked.


Amy Thompson is still running her mouth not just about having soccer tournaments that we cant even physically provide support for food or hotels. But, still trying to raise money for many things that we still need to complete the soccer complex. Yeah!!! I drank the kool-aid too. SOB’s pulled of the biggest scam in Fairhope’s history. Mike Ford and Hand, Arendall are set for life. Bend over Fairhope. Amy Thompson and Jack Burrell and the 5 horses asses let this all go through. Amy Thompson, don’t Fu$k with trying to divide our schools again. Maybe now that your kids have grown up and have been illegally going to city schools for the past 10 years you will finally drop this issue.

Judge Rhienhold

I predict Burrell will top out at 21 percent. Four in five will never vote for him.


I predict burrell will no longer be prez.