Here is a picture of the four Baldwin County Commissioners that need to be put to pasture. The perfect pasture would be that 35 million dollar plus mega site that the commissioners have saddled their constitutions with and financed on the back of county employees.



In 2012 the Baldwin County Commission convinced itself that Baldwin County needed to spend 32 Million dollars on 2300 usable acres called the Mega site. South Alabama Mega Site – Shovel Ready in…


Four seats and already over 10 candidates have signed up. Now all we need to do is figure out who are faux candidates or who is carrying water for Catalyst.

10 candidates running for Baldwin County Commission seats – Lagniappe Mobile

10 candidates running for Baldwin County Commission seats – Lagniappe Mobile

By John Mullen There will be at least one new face on the Baldwin County Commission after the 2018 elections and three incumbents are seeking to retain their seats. District 1’s Frank Burt and District 4’s Skip Gruber are seeking to retain their seats, as is District 3’s Tucker Dorsey. District 2’s Chris Elliott has …


Seat 2 is Chris Elliott who is going to run for Sen Trip Pittman’s seat. I will be first to admit that even Elliott is not as bad as Pittman. However after his DUI he said he would man up instead he got a lawyer and played the privileged card. So Elliott is out and we will have to vote him out in the Senate race.

Baldwin County Commissioner Charged with DUI in Fairhope

Baldwin County Commissioner Charged with DUI in Fairhope

A Baldwin County Commissioner was arrested for driving under the influence over the weekend in Fairhope.


John Lake from Daphne is running for that seat. John has a long history of being a public servant and has never used his position to his advantage, he is an excellent replacement.

Seat 3 is infamous Tucker Dorsey business partner of Clarence Burke of Baldwin County Sewer who is connected to Catalyst and Summitt Construction. Dorsey and Elliott are smug self centered professional politicians, through and through. They are the good ole boys and represent development and unbridled growth. Dorsey is probably the worst, no he is the worst and do not forget his buddy Trip Pittman helped him into the Commission. In return Dorsey orchestrated the firing of over a dozen good employees.

Billy Joe Underwood is Dorsey’s challenger. The Commission needs a women because so far all men have not done so well. I encourage you to find out more about Mrs. Underwood and support her. It would be sweet for Dorsey’s ego to be beaten by a woman.

Billie Jo Underwood for County Commission District 3 | Baldwin County, Alabama

Billie Jo Underwood for County Commission District 3 | Baldwin County, Alabama

Billie Jo Underwood for County Commission District 3 which includes areas in and around Loxley, Robertsdale, Silverhill, and Summerdale, Alabama in Baldwin County.


Seat one is occupied by a political dinosaur, Frank Burt, best friend to the good ole boys and architect of many a sweet heart deal, including the mega site. Mr. Burt has been on the Commission to long, way to long.

Mr Jeb Ball is challenging Burt.

Jeb Ball seeks election to Commission District 1

Jeb Ball seeks election to Commission District 1

James E. “Jeb” Ball, Program Director for Baldwin Substance Abuse Services, Inc. in Bay Minette, has announced his candidacy for Baldwin County Commissioner, District 1. A lifelong resident …


For Mr Ball to be a serious candidate he will need to be more transparent about Baldwin County Substance Abuse Services inc. Where is the money? It is a non profit that has fund raisers however their has never been a public accounting of all the money collected. It would be interesting to find out who suggested he run for commissioner, maybe Frank Burt?

Last is seat 4 Charles Gruber. Mr Gruber is the quite one that usually stands on the wire and sees how the others vote and chooses the path of least resistance. Mr Gruber is no where as controversial as the other but it is time for change.

Christopher Callaghan is his challenger,

He will kick off his campaign Nov. 16th in Fairhope.

More candidates will announce soon so there will be a choice, say goodbye incumbents.

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no way with John Lake- he is not who should represent the eastern shore

You shouldn’t post on this site unless I give you a reason. Tell us some fact why John Lake should not represent the eastern shore. Hell, give a hint or something. Your mama smells like crap! I really don’t know that’s a fact. But anyone can just say something! Damn people, get with the program.

Justify that statement

If you state a fact on this site, they will take it down.

It’s a fact you are a lying Asshole! Let’s see if it’s get taken down.

I saw where Thompson Engineer’s owner was pushing for more soccer field spending on facebook. Sure spend more money on a lopsided soccer field.

remember y’all it was pushed as something to compete with foley.


like the dyas triangle “park.”

like the sewer upgrade “still pumping human shit into the bay.”

like the uneven soccer fields that will NEVER host a single team.

don’t you understand that these “deals” are not for the people.

They are for the bastards on the sh(tty council and their sick thieving
friends like tucker dorsey and trip pittman.

Fairhope is an embarrassment. Fake people. Fake town. Fake government. Read the Bible and act on it hypocrites! Oh and go ahead and vote for Roy Moore. Jesus help us in Alabama.

John Lake knows haygpod and Catalyst are corrupt.

Haygood Elliott and Dorsey are the gangsters from Georgis

You must be s vulture developer who could not buy off Lake.

Employees of Baldwin County

If you are stupid and don’t have a lick of sense and get sick and tired of someone playing the religious card while drinking under the influence, besides Chris Elliott, make damn sure you don’t vote for the sorriest MF Baldwin County Commissioner candidate on this planet!!!! You guessed it!!!
Thug, liar, home wrecker, hypocrite Bible thumper and has sexually harassed more persons than I have ever heard of. Ask the ladies at the Baldwin County court house. Makes Frank Burt and his creepy moving hands all over people look still.

Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey fired my husband and a couple of our employees because County Commissioner Frank Burt ordered him to. Go to the Baldwin County Courthouse and ask around if you want to know the facts for yourself. Dorsey and Burt have ruined a lot of really GOOD people’s lives.

The soccer fields are not level. Dirt was brought in from Tucker Dorsey’s dirt fields to fill in the slope. These fields were supposed to rival those in foley. No such thing.

Somebody other than Dorsey got paid.
I heard Catalyst companies.

The only people who don’t like Lake are those that are use to buying off politicians. Since Lake does not take bribes and really cares about Baldwin County, the crooks don’t like Lake because they cannot buy Lake.

Nothing will ever be done. Fairhope is doomed. The Goobs are so close to ruining everything it is scary.