Fairhope City Council has decided to pay fired employees rather than going to court, so we the public never know the whole truth surrounding the firing in the first place. Remember it was the council who came to the defense of the those fired, they then assisted them in their efforts to sue the city. Ultimately, in executive session the same council votes to pay up. It’s only insurance money, but we pay the insurance.

Fairhope mayor fires two; council responds with hiring freeze – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope mayor fires two; council responds with hiring freeze – Lagniappe Mobile

The decision by Mayor Karin to fire two well-known city employees led to the City Council instituting a temporary hiring freeze Monday, and seemed to leave the city divided. Some 300 people turned out for a special called council meeting, spilling out into the lobby where a monitor showed the meeting for those who …

Source: lagniappemobile.com/fairhope-mayor-fires-two-council-responds-hiring-freeze/

All the hell raising the council did over the firing of two employees and the hiring freeze, now they bury it? Get ready taxpayers the next ex employee now expects her check signed and SEALED.


The Ripp Report recently changed it’s business status from a tax deductible non profit to a corporation. It is still a non profit, without any federal tax deductibility. This also allows the Ripp…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/10/20/job-with-benefits/

This is the council overriding the Mayor and then rewarding those who got fired. But what do you expect when the Council President himself “come fly with me” has the ethics commission to hide behind.


The good ole boy tabloid, the Courier, with assistance from the editor Chucky Cheeze, have produced another spin article that they expect to end the allegations of wrong doing at the .

Source: rippreport.com/2017/10/25/bonus-money/

Fairhope has a history of lawsuits that has cost the taxpayers millions. Good ole Jack help settle the lawsuit behind everyone’s back. He used the change of agenda trick to be sure none of the public was aware of what was going on, until it was to late.


FRAUD Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of fraud reads: “Deceit; trickery; cheating, intentional deception to cause a person to give up property or some lawful right. Something said to deceive; trick.

Source: rippreport.com/2016/07/15/freaky-friday-fraud/

Fairhope City Council now is looking at a light at the end of a tunnel. Due to their obstruction of the Mayor and recent decisions of the council, lawsuits are the light. Potentially four suits are being considered, again I stress this is due to council actions. A fifth lawsuit is pending related to Apartments. Three involve , however unlike in the past, made the right decision and council overrode their decision. The first lawsuit may be announced as early as next week.

Council President claimed he was the mediator, he and the council, need to get ready to mediate.

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Correct me if I’m wrong – and I may be. But I thought the insurance company made the decision on whether or not to settle a suit, not the Council. Obviously I would EXPECT the Council so want to settle, because somehow that would give some legitimacy to the fired employees’ claims. But I’m just not real sure they have the final word on whether or not that happens.

Ya Ya Sisterhood

What a shit Show. Jay Robinson has to be light in the loafers. He says nothing to the big three.

Jay Jay

I think ole Jay is going to regret all of this following him. Him as well as his family are going to be forevered tattooed as a shit ass with a shitty family that no one in this town can ever trust. Jay is letting this crap go on and doesn’t care that his family is being affected by all this. Burrell, he and his family are crap. No one will respect him or his family ever. He knows this and has said publicly that he doesn’t give a shit.

Georgia Orwell

Agreed…..most people used to like him. He has proven to be spineless, but those who know him believe that he is worth a million Jack O’Lantern Burrell’s. Jay needs to get his mojo on and take over!
Do it for yourself and your reputation, do it for Fairhope, or at least do it for your cute family!!!


They called Jay “Va Jay Jay” in high school.

Francis Paul Ripp

The council has the final say


Insurance would want to settle quickly rather than litegate, you are correct. The problem is council (lead by come fly with me jack) stuck their nose where it didn’t belong with a hiring freeze and unnecessary attention. These are at will employees. End of story.
Then council, with the city attorney’s help, subpoenaed records just to hand over to claimants attorneys. It still proved nothing but perpetuated a non-issue in the bias “Courier Opinion Blog” (GCN).

It is clear council’s goal (lead by come fly with me jack) helped these claimants cash in.

Remember too, Jay is close friends with Sullivan. He’s the one that lead and endorsed subpoenaing the records to give to her attorney. BIG conflict.


Lawsuits are a part of doing business, and there are two coming this way also!!!!

Quail Ridge

So according to Jack, our resident atheist and bulldog, our shitty bay is unavoidable, as we are, as he brags, “THE FASTEST GROWING CITY IN ALABAMA.” He always smiles when he says it, too, like he knows it’s ruining our city.


Three years can’t come fast enough to get these councilmen out of office. Jack is an embarrassment and the rest are just followers.

Aunt Pittypat

These lawsuits and settlements are disturbing but also disturbing is what is coming up at Planning and Zoning on November 13, 2017. 2 items that should be a concern to all that try to use the downtown area. One item coming up is increasing the business district. This will benefit developers and builders and they will not have to provide parking for their development in the central business district. Residents trying to find a parking place now will have a much harder time finding one if that occurs. You need to read the write up in the October 20, 2017 issue of the Baldwin Times. I forsee after reading this that part of our downtown area will be closed off to automobiles and accommodate walkers and cyclists and tourists and will Fairhope City then provide some kind of trolley service for tourists?? There are a lot of questions arising from reading this amendment. Also a public hearing on another item has to do with height of building.. PEOPLE WAKE UP!! Developers are taking over fast slipping in one item at a time till they have exactly what they want.

Aunt Pittypat

If I am not mistaken, in the Business District they can build from lot line to lot line.


Very few people show up at planning meetings or council meetings to oppose such plans. These blogs are great for airing your views, but blogs don’t have much effect on how a councilman votes. Show up at the meetings, in numbers and make your voices heard.


Keep in mind that expanding the business district and building height are the Mayor’s plans. Rumor is that she has she staff working on selling the current city hall property to developers who would build a hotel and shopping village (city offices would move to K-1 school), build a convention center on the Dyas Triangle property, and construct a hotel and entertainment district at the Fairhope pier. That is part of her economic development plan. Might be a rumor, true. But, the mayor needs to come clean and either confirm or deny.

Aunt Pittypat

If any of this is true I will fight to get her out!!! Creeps are a dime a dozen in this town!!!


Shut the F up Aunt Pittypat. Go do your crossword puzzle or knock the cobwebs off that thing and spend some time with your husband if you haven’t worried him to death already.

Fedora Upton of Fed Up!

Sounds like something that Dean Mosher would push for!!!!!!!!!!!


Dean Mosher is the defacto mayor!

Lolly Pop

Burrell you better get ready son.

Georgia Orwell

Doubtful that she would EVER support a lot of this.


Aunt Pittypat, the developers are either the politicians or are financing their campaigns. So many people who don’t have a history here and don’t care are voting for them. We have been invaded by them. They have taken over. I think it is too late. I would like to blame the group from Georgia who now run the place but I think it is all of our fault. The group who who started Catalyst have either put their people in power and bought off the locally raised people.
Next election look at the candidates’ campaign reports. You will see Catalyst OWNS them

Aunt Pittypat

I did look at the campaign reports and the problem was…..we needed to get rid of some of those that got really comfortable in their present seats and the new ones running for office were very poor offerings so I voted against those in office. No one with any lick of sense will run. Have any suggestions as to how we can climb this mountain??

Francis Paul Ripp

Fairhope Catalyst Council

Fly Creeker 2

My money is on ripp over Burrell.


There is no doubt there a too many experts here but, at the same time. There is no doubt that this is the sorriest bunch of Mo Fo’s of a Fairhope City council or of any council in the entire country that we have now. These sob’s are representing everyone that does not have Fairhope in their best interest. How much more stupid can we be as citizens of Fairhope. I would think that these councilmen should be close to being worried about how much more some people are going to put up with!!!!!!!!!

Francis Paul Ripp

If they are Catalyst can them

Clovis Wright

Ripp make sure they don’t rig it. Get that judge from Montgomery to come back.

Vote their ass out!


We have a city judge that is guilty as they f ing come. I dare and challenge the prick to face 10 questions that I have for him in a council meeting. If he does accept. I donate $10,000 to the charity of his choice. What will it be big boy. The same goes for JackAss Burrell. This can be set up with no problem at all. Mayor lovers and Mayor haters can all be witnesses. Fair warning. The Alabama AG will be there with with plenty of handcuffs. So???????


Burrell and his bunch aren’t going to jail. The group that owns them also own the AG

They Won\'t take offer

No matter. They won’t take my offer because they are scabs of men. Cowards who don’t have the respect of a tick. One day. It takes a while. But some of us know how and have been laying the ground work for some time now. Easy pesy!


Please let me know I wish to attend.

Who or what is Catalyst? And which counsel members do they own? And why do you think that?

Georgia Orwell

I would love to know, as well. I think that Boone’s son, is a part of Catalyst. That would prove a connection to Burrell and Brown. Brown, who we elected as opposed to the Fly Creek Apartments, has now admitted that Corte is his mentor……..liars, all! Why are Fairhope voters so stupid/lazy/criminally negligent that we have this disgusting Council representing us? Brown is the worst of the bunch b/c he was the one who pretended to care about the City.


Boone OWNS Catalyst. He reincorporated StAcey’s old political group of Elliot Haygood and Stacey into Catalyst. Yes that’s Elliot as in Chris Elliot and Haygood as in Dane Haygood.


As in drunk DUI Elliott the County Commissioner?

Anon Poser

I have been trying to figure why Burrell has become such a thankless, self-serving, disingenuous, condescending [email protected]

Then I heard his mentor is Bob Gentle.

And Everything made sense.


It’s Sunday and I am trying to hold my tongue here. I will just say that Tucker Dorsey, Jack Burrell and Tripp Pittman all come from the same mold. You can make your own opinion of it. I just got back from church but, that doesn’t give me the right to play the Christian card like these three always seem to be doing. Looking back. Pittman is finished, Dorsey will be gone and the way Burrell conducts himself and talks to people in the Council meeting is certainly not a way that I personally feel like acting as a Christian. We need help. Prayer is certainly a big part of the answer.

Luther Bean

Pray for Jack and Catalyst and Snedeker. Kant’s father in law rigged his last election in 2012.

Jack Crap

Anon Poser. What makes you think that Jack Burrell has become all of this. He has always been a PRICK and demeans God everytime he get a chance. What a loser. If you cut him up and baited your crab traps with him, the crabs would run. Except for the ones he aleady had in him.

Christian Bible

Next up: Easy Money for fiddler.


With all these sexual harassment allegations going on. You won’t see Fiddler accusing Tim Kant of anything like that. All the love stuff that went on between them two were sickening. Fiddler should not get a dime as she what paid twice as much as she earned for many many years. As I see it. She might owe the city some money. She was fired fair and square. The only thing Mayor Wilson is guilty of is trying to be fair and letting these 3 goofballs stay on and giving them a chance. These 3 women in question have used our city for nothing but their own gain. The proper thing the Mayor should have done was to give them their pink slips after being sworn in. These 3 women are a disgrace to the City of Fairhope. Overpaid and did everything they could do to hurt the City of Fairhope as they continue to do so. It is a fact that Jack Burrell and other councilmen discussed how they were going to get money from the city well before anyone of them filed a lawsuit. Jack Burrell can’t and won’t deny this. Too many people knew that he had… Read more »


Jack may have to testify.


I’m sure in hindsight, that’s exactly what Mayor Wilson wishes she had done. Unfortunately, when you’re a newcomer to the political arena, and you’re facing a bunch of dug-in career politicians/criminals, you’re neither equipped nor prepared for just how far they’re willing to go to take you down.

Georgia Orwell

Agreed. The three B’s should be in Atmore.

Don’t Fairhope Dept. heads serve at the pleasure of the Mayor – in much the same way as President Trump’s Cabinet. She can replace whom she wishes with her own selections upon taking office? If that is the case, why would there be ANY lawsuits? Or any insurance payments? Were these previous employees in a public union?

Hookers and their Pimp Daddy Jack

That is so true. We are just dealing with 3 women who could give a rat’s ass about Fairhope. Some even had relations with the ex Mayor Tim Kant and received all kind of favors and wasted city’s money left and right while being paid a premium that none of them certainly earned and only took advantage of anything and everything and everyone they could. They are disgraceful and the most worthless emplyeee that we have had in years. First week that Mayor Wilson took over they should have had police escorted them out of the city’s offices and told don’t let the door hit them on their sorry asses on the way out. Disgusting individuals who were grossly overpaid and now want more. Same way Jack Burrell or the Councilmen would act. Jack Burrell had private conversations with all three of these people after they were fired and long before any lawsuit was filed. Jack Burrell actually advised this 3 shitasses, who adore Jack in how to get the most out of their lawsuits. This is totally against the Law and will be brought up at the appropriate time. I can hear you wondering what the hell you got… Read more »


Sexual relations with Kant? I find that hard to believe, much less visualize.


My thoughts exactly.

Francis Paul Ripp

Visualize? no way


They don’t have to be sexual!


Dothan Eagle. What are you trying to say?

FBI Informant

So if I were to commit a crime, say using my father’s social security number–would this absolve me of any criminal wrongdoing?
Asking for a friend from MS. Thanks.

Viola Clark

Rippster proved they were rigging elections for decades. It will take one more election cycle.

Chucki Cheez

So the morale of the story:

Sex with Tim Kant and Jack Burrell pays well.


Hey Chucki Cheez. You are right. Maybe you ought to snuggle up to Kant and Burrell since your last article implied that it’s been ages since you had some. Kant likes to be the wife and Burrell likes to be the husband. Either way. You’ll enjoy it!!!


I heard Burrell and Kant switched up on fiddler and sullivan.


Definitely Fiddler. She brought them flowers each time. Lol


To cover up her smell. She was rotten!

Cognitive Take

Burrell will likely have no competition. Neither will the others.
It’s over Fairhope.


Cognitive Take. Why don’t you take a hike! You are one of the problematic people around here. Leave and take your boyfriend Burrell with you. Pussy Cat!


Burrell will certainly have competition. I know one person already strongly considering running against him. The next municipal election in fairhope will decide the city’s fate.




problem is ALL of you on here believe what Frances tells you without regard to the actual true, he only tells a little snip it so dig deeper and you will find that paul ripp is nothing but a lier who hides behind his wife who he lives with and claims to be divorced what a damn JOKE