Here is the first post I saw this morning:

“Voter turnout was a disgrace for the State of Alabama yesterday, granted it was a one party run-off which lowered the amount of voters participating. Alabama has 3,134,166 registered voters, 451,161 voted yesterday, 14.39%. Just to show you how the turnout was in several of the larger counties here are the percentage of voter turnout. Baldwin 18.83%, Jefferson 6.19%, Mobile 12.81% Montgomery 11.02%, Shelby, 20.30%, so sad!!!“

These statistics and straight ticket voting is how we end up with self serving elected officials.

On a more positive note, Big Luther and Tripp Pittman are history. There is a God! And Karma!

Only Alabama would vote for someone who rode a horse to the polls, banished a firearm in a political rally and twice put his hand on the Bible swearing he would uphold the laws of the state and country, without prejudice, and then violated that oath once in office.

Roy Moore pulls his gun out in front of the crowd at campaign rally

Roy Moore pulls his gun out in front of the crowd at campaign rally

Moore and Strange’s run-off election is Tuesday. The successful candidate will continue to the general election to determine who will serve…



Hold on to your hats we are going to see a record voter turnout for the Moore/Jones runoff in Dec 2017 for a Senate election. There is blood in the water and the democrats in Alabama are waking up from a long nap and they have a candidate, Doug Jones.

Priorities – Doug Jones for U.S. Senate

Priorities – Doug Jones for U.S. Senate

The most productive, innovative people I know are entrepreneurs who have had the courage to turn an idea in to a business that makes their community…


The Republicans in Washington are freaking out as well as President Trump. Moore is right of the Tea Party and splits an already fractured party further. Moore also has alarmed the Republican establishment with his views on many issues as well as his reluctance to recant obvious false claims.

A small taste of Roy Moore’s radical comments

A small taste of Roy Moore’s radical comments

Who is Roy Moore, the man who won the special GOP runoff election in Alabama on Tuesday night and what are some of his positions? The panel takes a quick look.


Then add in the Alabama Republican Party members who have had enough of promises for decades from goat hill and the Swamp. The Republican tolerance for political corruption has held Alabama hostage to any progress. They see reality, Judge Moore may have strong convictions however his beliefs, and statements, are not in step with Washington, or the country, and will be a deficit not an asset. This will only hold Alabama back further! What will the voters decide?

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Mr. Ripp pittman isn’t done. Stay on his sorry ass.

I can assure you that if and when Trip Pittman rears his head back up. He will be met with a negative and fearless revolting attack against him to include personal testimonies on how he has screwed so many people not only in Baldwin County but everywhere else. That’s a bet you can place now and win everytime. Trip Pittman and Luther Strange are no more, especially in the lower part of the State of Alabama. Thugs!!!

The saddest thing, to me, is that the national media is reporting that Strange lost simply because he was aligned with McConnell and that Alabama voters were voting against the Republican establishment; while that may be true to a point, they should also report the facts of how Strange became Senator in the first place. I think that Roy Moore is a national embarrassment, but I voted for him because I had no other choice if I wanted Strange out. If more people were aware of what a lying stealing hypocrite Strange was, they would understand why Alabama voted as we did.

Wait, what?! You voted for Roy Moore…clearly the worst of two evils? Sorry…that makes no sense to me. At all. On the other hand, so many people despise Roy Moore, it probably will give Doug Jones a better chance at winning so no complaint from me.

So why bother even posting loser.

I am an Independent and no way in hell would i vote for either one

That’s exactly why I voted for Moore. If the Republican party is so corrupt that it can only present lunatics and criminals, it is time for a Democrat to win.

Roy Moore in the Senate would be like having Burrell Mayor.


Gonna vote for Jones. Roy Moore is gay with Judge William Pryor. Sick stuff. Trust me.

Some Christian you are. You are the type that Burrell and Pittman are. Christians when convenient. Wouldn’t know Jesus if he walked up to you on the streets. You all are pathetic bringing the religion into it. Always the first sign that Satan is present.

Yeah he is gay and the RUSSIANS are the reason Trump was elected….Trust Me…


Been hearing this for years.