Mid term elections are 18 months away and already we are seeing the GOB “good ole boys”, and Catalyst, placing their candidates in strategic elected positions.

Campaign callouts – Lagniappe

With a special election to permanently fill Jeff Sessions’ U.S. Senate seat set for later this year, Alabamians need to get acquainted with the state politicians that could be running the show come election day. Below are some of the top contenders for the office and a bit of insight on each.

Source: https://lagniappemobile.com/campaign-callouts/

The selection of Jeff Sessions for U. S. Attorney General started a ball rolling for career politicians. State senator and Bible study partner of Jack Burrell, Tripp Pittman first announced that he would not be seeking re-election for state senate. His reason was that he believed in term limits, and God, so he decided to run for Mr. Sessions U. S. Senate seat. This is called good ole Alabama logic coming from a politician who has filled his pockets with BP cash and used his elected office to personally enrich himself during a catastrophe.

Senator’s company awarded $639,000 while he supervised grants for boom work

Of $1.15 million paid to Fairhope from BP grant funds overseen in part by state Sen. Trip Pittman for oil spill response work, the city awarded Pittmans company $639,000, according to city records reviewed by a Fairhope councilwoman.

Source: blog.al.com/live/2010/11/senators_company_awarded_63900.html

The $675,000 Sins of Senator Trip Pittman-R are Irrefutable and Actionable

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it” Martin Luther King Dr. Christopher Warner encaps…

Source: alabamacorruption.blogspot.com/2011/03/675000-sins-of-senator-trip-pittman-r.html

Sen. Pittman wants you to forget all of the above and now vote him in to a higher level of corruption.

Alabama State Senator Trip Pittman announces run for U.S. Senate

Pittman has been in the Alabama State Senate since 2007. He announced his intention to run for U.S. Senate on the final day of qualifying. He’s the only lawmaker from the south end of the state who is running for the U.S. Senate seat.

Source: www.al.com/news/mobile/index.ssf/2017/05/alabama_state_senator_trip_pit.html


Selected to run for Sen. Pittman’s State Senate seat is Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott.

Elliott who was appointed to the commission.

Chris Elliott appointed to Baldwin County Commission seat

Chris Elliott will complete the term of former Baldwin County Commissioner Bob James.

Source: www.al.com/news/mobile/index.ssf/2014/07/chris_elliott_appointed_to_bal.html

You may remember Mr. Elliott’s run in with the law.

Baldwin County Commissioner charged with DUI in Fairhope

Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott was charged with driving under the influence after leaving an event Friday in Fairhope.

Source: www.al.com/news/mobile/index.ssf/2016/05/baldwin_county_commissioner_ch.html

Commissioner Elliott then glossed over his previous comments and the serious charge of DUI.

Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool?

Now Mr Elliott want us to elect him to a State Senate seat.

Chris Elliott Announces Run for State Senate

Elliott is running for the Alabama State Senate District 32 seat as a Republican in the June 2018 primary.

Source: wkrg.com/2017/04/13/chris-elliott-announces-run-for-state-senate/

“Commissioner Elliott is President and Owner of The Elliott Companies, Inc. which owns and operates Service Master Restore franchises in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama, providing multidisciplinary disaster mitigation, catastrophe restoration, and construction services.“

Sounds like Mr Elliott and Pittman have a lot in common. Wonder if Elliott is in the prayer group and exactly what do they pray for?


We need a challenger for both races that is not connected to Catalyst the GOBs or an incumbent climbing the ladder. Choices will be available, stay tuned.

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Trip ruined his career leaving them anchors in the bay. Sad.


You call that a career! What career? We fishermen know what he did by criminally polluting our waters even more by leaving the anchors in the bay. Simply give us a notorized statement saying it didn’t happen. HE CANNOT AND WILL NOT. As boat captains and part of the BP clean up crew. We know for a fact he broke several laws and unethically took, awarded himself as he likes to put it, money from the BP and State clean up fund to the tune of serveral 100 thousands of dollars. Just compare his banking account for 2009, 2010 and the next couple of years. All he has to do to clear all this up is share with us that he didn’t have any contracts of well over a half million dollars. HE CANNOT AND WILL NOT! Certainly not a conversationist or cares about the environment. Not in south Alabama! Not anywhere in the World!!! Possible candidate??? Joke of the Year!


Commissioner Chris Elliot. He is a well known liar and Criminal and everyone knows that. Its all been proven and even acknowledged by himself. It’s seems that if you are a politician in Alabama, when you break the law, unless you are the governor, you get promoted. Check into that fact!!! Its amazingly true!!!


The report on GulfCoastNewsToday is not true, the mayor was not sued today, she did not assault anyone! Slander!


If that is a lie then Karin would have a good suit against the reporter and Gulf Coast News Today.




It’s all another attempt to discredit her by those working behind the scenes. There’s more to the story. Stay tuned.


I hope there is more to the story that this? If this is true, then we have a problem. , Firing long-term employees so she could hire one her friends and now, assault of a city employee with the city being sued. I really hope this is fake news.


Welcome to Trump’s world – she will be fighting these allegations every day. Folks that have never been sued before really won’t understand, all the discovery, oh the discovery process.

All communications, different witnesses, the depositions, he said, she said. The complaint, the written complaint filed in court is a declaration of war, then there are the allegations. The mayor will be called every name, it will all be public record, then, then there are the coffee clubs – yeah – those gossip clubs.

This is why you really don’t ever want to be a CEO because when the light shines, it shines brightly during the good and bad times.

Being sued is no fun, it will affect you, your family, your business. It is the worst stress of all stresses.

I don’t support the mayor’s handling of many situations but I really feel for her in this situation, this is no fun.

Angel Barksdale

Funny you say Trump…Karin is a lot like him. Trying to drain the swamp. Anybody who voted for Trump should love Karin Wilson!


How many more long-term employees is the mayor going to fire or demote? When she ran for office she stated: “the employees were our great assets!”

Chainsaw Wilson!


Who’s the lawyer that filed the claim?


I find it suspect that the person filing the claim did so within days of Gulf Coast News Today reporting that she was being demoted. http://www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/fairhope-hr-restructure-could-cause-demotion-for-current-director,49685?


Open letter. In the mayor facebook page, she speaks of people thinking she in naive. Then she talks about the truth, and if she thinks the truth is what a lawsuit is about then she is naive. A lawsuit is about shocking someone conscious, bring them into reality. If the mayor thinks the truth is going to come out, she is really naive – lady justice wears a blindfold but she peaks – if this going to a jury! The mayor needs to understand that being a ‘CEO’ is not what she thought it was going to be. It is about mindfully, she needs to look around and understand the situation before she acts. You don’t always get to do what you want even of it is the right thing to do, and you have to learn to work around situations, like bypassing a small problem to avoid a major one. Those not in her chair can tell all day what she did was right, they can tell her they support her 100%, but in the end, it is not them that is getting sued, nor is it them that has all the stress. Folks can encourage her to fire… Read more »


The Mayor definitely should not listen to you.
If lawsuits are so hard on you, you must be very weak.


How many times have you been sued? Have you every been sued personally? If you have then you will know just how hard can be, because you never know what a judge, a jury or what an insurance company will do. It is the unknown that is what is so stressful, you never know what is going to be said, what will be discovered.

Think about this, what happens if this lawsuit is denied by the insurance carrier to defend. Then it turns to your personal resources, and it can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. If you settle, then where does the money come from if the insurance carrier denies coverage.

If you think lawsuits are not stressful then you are clearly a damn fool.


Actually I have been involved in more lawsuits than I care to remember.
You can’t prevent agenda driven people from suing you for any reason under the sun.
Strong successful people aren’t afraid of those type of situations

Earl Watkins

Tim Kant should be sued personally—along with Burrell and Boone for fluffing Corte.


Hand Arendall should be sued


Excellent advice from the previous poster.

Langston Rogers (Rock Creek)

Jack and Boone are desperate. Gonna throw crap against the wall and see if it sticks. Who is fighting for the citizens and who is fighting for the developers? Shame on Catalyst. Shame on Beevis and Butthead! Jack better say his prayers! God bless Karin Wilson!


Let’s see we have BoomBoom and Otis. What a choice

Booby J.

Pittman better not sneak into the US Senate. It would be a huge mistake.


The only way ( self awarding BP contracts and Autism rights hater) Trip Pittman will sneak into the U.S. Senate is if someone let’s him in to use the bathroom! This also goes for Mr. DUI and professional Liar, Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott getting into the Alabama Senate. The only thing they both might sneak in is 15% of the votes when they run and that’s pushing it. What part of this isn’t true?


Pittman will probably win b/c all of the ‘wanna-be’s’ will do anything to curry favor with him. I don’t know which candidate the big money will be backing in the election, but you can count on the fact that every south Alabama social climber will jump on the Pittman bandwagon b/c they idolize him. Go figure!


Don’t be surprised as things progress that more people are showing concern and taking notes on who is backing any candidate. We are seeing unions, insurance companies, religious groups, corporations, large donors, etc getting punished for just those selfish reasons and ALL of us are learning at a rapid speed who these selfless companies and individuals are. As a group of Fairhope citizens. We have FINALLY come together! Forget the drama. This is also being shown throughout the County and the State as Alabamaians are tired of being treated as ignorant people. We are not!!! It is important to know that the wannabes and the ones wanting to climb the social latter will soon be turning around to see themselves as the ones who are failing in business and dropping socially too! It’s finally a new and a great time. Anyone who might idolize (can’t even imagine anyone doing that) Trip Pittman will find themselves himself wondering what happened! He’s aweful. There was also a huge drop in anyone wanting to get in a car with Mr. DUI himself, Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott as the driver. Told so many lies trying to avoid the truth. I can see why… Read more »

Melvin Beam

Catalyst will place their people in places they want. Watch them take office. I hope I am wrong but Catalyst wins


Three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha


Jack and Boone can try and obfuscate; but they cannot hide their ways or delay their fate.


Boom Boom Pittman is a disgrace. The Bible says thous shalt not steal!!!

Rhonda W.

Trip needs a haircut. And some shame.

James W.

Trip said he gonna drain the swamp. LOL. He is the swamp! Hey trip just because I sit in my garage don’t make me a car!
Alabama can do way better than Trip helmet hair Pittman.

Terry Cove

I hope the mayor vetoes the 45k payment on a handshake.



Can she still do that? I thought that ship had sailed! I wish she would demand some proof of work done/things accomplished……..one would have assumed that the city council would have demanded same. I would still love to know who on the Council has had any architectural work performed (or may be planning same) by Walcot Adams!


She had 10 days after the vote!


It is too late to veto! AND once you don’t veto then you are in agreement with it! She has sold us out – she is loving this politician business, handshakes is the way politicians work.


a handshake
An eye wink
An airplane ride
Favors and corruption
ITS IN THE PIPELINE these fools are going to be found out

Taylor Faust

What if the person in question isn’t doing their job?

Meanwhile…fairhope just dumped more turds in the bay.


Fairhope will continue to dump even more in the bay. With all of the subdivisions being allowed without holding the builders responsible, the present sewer system will not be able to handle more volume.

Charles Weinacker

…both Pitman and Elliot corrupt as shit/RINOs….God help us!!!

John Grogan

One thing for sure, I will not vote for Jeff Boyd. In my email communications with him, he would not answer my following question: “Would you not support raising property taxes in Baldwin County” He never answered my question. It is called political tap dancing.