Attention Baldwin County Legal Eagle fans that follow the Family Court issues in Baldwin County. There are multiple complains filed against a particular Judge that are pending as well as pending complaints against certain attorneys. We are refraining from details until we have responses to those complaints. We do wish to advise you that it is an active issue that we are addressing and it is not on a back burner.

The Ripp Report wishes to congratulate John Lake on his persistence in counting and verifying the ballots in Daphne. The re-count did not change the outcome; however it did preserve the integrity of the election. Better to be sure than have lingering questions about the voting process. Daphne is a smaller town than Fairhope; however Fairhope had over 2000 more citizens’ vote, which resulted in the election of a new Mayor, Karen .

250 to 0  Just say NO

Fairhope’s Board held its 5th meeting involving the Fly Creek Pud., on Sept. 6th

Please remember that this is a Tim appointed board and they are all going to be replaced by our New Mayor soon after she takes office. With the exception of Hollie only one other person came forward to represent the community and the overwhelming opposition to the project, our Mayor elect Karen . Her presence and participation in this controversy proves we elected the right Mayor.

On October 3, 2016 we will have another meeting, our 6th, where all the same issues will be addressed again; it is very important that you attend. Let’s hope “PLANNING” can plan on using the civic center and that they have the microphones working.

If 100% of the people attending are in opposition then the vote should be NO, a yes vote identifies those individuals as good ole boys and good ole employees and they should be replaced. Listen to the VOTERS.

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Charles Lake

I WAS THERE DURING THE RECOUNT. The boxes that the ballots were stored in were originally sealed with clear box tape the night of Aug 23. Then two weeks later, the ballots were in U Haul boxes with duct tape “sealing” them. The City Clerk then said that she went into the boxes because of a “court order” from the municipal judge at the order of the mayor. SHE TOLD NOBODY UNTIL THE DAY OF TH ERECOUNT TWO WEEKS LATER. The City Clerk is supposed to answer to the city council but she went behind the council’s back at the order of the mayor with NO WITNESSES when the boxes were opened. SHE TOLD NOBODY – NOT EVEN THE COUNCIL MEMBERS. By the way, what business does a municipal judge have in ordering a “sealed” ballot to be opened? Can you imagine the hanky-panky and ballot stuffing that can go on?
Do you see how smelly this is? Daphne’s election was treated like a banana republic. The City Clerk should be fired. If I were a Council member, I would fire her because she cannot be trusted with the council.


Ugh. Can this be investigated more? What judge asked for this?