Think you do not need zoning then read this article. Un-zoned properties are just what these developers are looking for and they do not give a damn how THEIR development affects your quality of life.

Fairhope Mayor Sullivan and the council have chosen to “embrace development’ They were supported in the last election by developers and special interests. Your quality of life is not their concern.


Proposed zoning district 8

The African American community, in the proposed district 8, is jammed between RSA development, that soon will border Thomason Hall Road, and Fairhope. The choice is annexing into Fairhope or establishing a zoning district. Without doing either you may wake up one day to a gas station or storage buildings with barb wire fencing, next door. Zoning is the way to go annexing into Fairhope is a poor option. District 8 extends as far down as hwy 32 bordered by hwy 13, see map. Many subdivisions are included in the district.

Proposed district 37

District 37 involves Lawrence Road, a beautiful mix of farm land and large lots. “What is District 37? This area is NOT in city limits but is within the 5 mile line extending from Fairhope’s outer City Limits. We are on county land but NOT zoned. That means we are the “wild west” for developers and any one piece of land that is sold is only regulated by planning guidelines and not the wishes of neighboring property owners. Also, since we are within 5 miles of city limits that means the decisions are up to Fairhope City Council. A place we have no representation. I am looking to change that by proposing we become county zoned. “ Elizabeth Gabel Wilso

Check out the proposed districts, go to their sites and educated yourself on the pro’s and con’s of zoning.

Please pay attention and vote for zoning in your proposed district. Zoning districts are popping up all over the county.

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16 Comments on "GET ZONED or GET SCREWED"

  1. Jeanne Carney’s | November 19, 2021 at 5:30 pm |

    Thanks on e again for the information on this zoning, and the reminder to voters to get to the polls!!!

  2. Baldwin County Planning shiukd handle this pronto.

    • Dear Watcher,
      Do not hold your breath in thinking that Baldwin County Planning will “handle this pronto.” They work for the developers – not you.

  3. William Randolph | November 22, 2021 at 8:48 am |

    This is all true. Remember Commissioner Davis not once but twice try to pass so they could build houses on the dirt pit. They are on 64 and 54 across from the school.I need to know your commission is and what they’re doing to your community. The only way to stop this is to vote. There are too many subdivisions. They are smothering rurelm areas.
    Vote vote vote stop the corruption

  4. Jeb Ball is a good christian. We need more like him and Jack Birrell.

    • Catalyst is Evil | November 23, 2021 at 8:36 pm |

      You cannot be serious, Earner, Jeb Ball was put in by Catalyst’s own Scott Boone. When asked about his connection to Catalyst, Ball got very defensive saying Boone had “connections” that would put him in office.
      Catalyst, formerly known as Elliot, Haygood, and Stacy changed it name to Scott Boone Consulting or SCB. It had to change its name because Paul Ripp was exposing this outfit to the voters and being a candidate with “Catalyst” on your filing form became a liability.
      This is how SCB works in four easy to follow steps:
      1. SCB recruits candidates and vets them to the developers.
      2. The developers then contribute to their campaigns.
      3. The candidates pay SCB for campaign services.
      4. Once the candidates win, the newly elected politicians are OWNED by the developers and SCB makes money.

      This is a modern form of a “Triangle Trade.” It is just this “mafia” is trading our homes and future.
      Joe Davis, Jeb Ball are owned by the developers. Asking them to protect county property with zoning against overdevelopment is like asking a pimp to protect the virginity of his harem. The County Commissioners are beholding to their pimp developers – it is just that it is we citizens who taking it up the tailpipe.

  5. If BC keeps gauging it’s politicians on whether or not they believe in Jesus it will run itself into the ground. These guys pretend and only God knows if they are lying. But really we should care about their issue positions and not their heavenly status with regard to their effectiveness in office.

    • Don’t you get it, Maw? These guys aren’t Christians. They say they are Christians because saying they are Christians polls well here in the Bible Belt.
      In reality their true god is the dollar and they worship at the altar of the developers. Their highest sacrament is approving another subdivision that Belaton, DR Horton, Truland, and Cox wants them to approve.
      These companies are the TRUE Jesus Christ to the County Commission and the municipal councils in Fairhope and Daphne.
      So when they say they believe in Jesus, just remember who their “Lord and Savior” truly is.

      • SCB and his goon squad read this so you better watch what you post. That can find you by tracking the IP address of your post

        • Not true. You misunderstand ip addresses.

          • Oh yeah, Admin? Don’t play up your security system too much. SCB has its own computer people that monitor social media and Ripp’s webpage. I know because I worked on a Catalyst campaign a few elections back.
            As the old saying goes, you are playing checkers and they are playing chess

  6. I will quit posting.
    Democrats cannot be Christian

  7. Dollar Tree 1.25.
    Soon home building and ownership will be a privilege of the connected.

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