Whipped at the Border

42.6 Million SARS-COV-2 infected in the USA with 684,617 deaths. The Delta variant has Gulf Coastal Hospitals out of ICU beds. Biden purchases 500 Million Shots for Other Countries.

The City of Fairhope has plans to move forward with their new Comprehensive Plan this week and everyone wants more flowers and less sewer(not really but just wait).

The border crisis got real this week (the West Wing is abuzz) complete with Al Sharpton and Ted Cruz grandstanding over human misery- whips, bridles, and all. Sewer spills continue to plague the area and Mobile Baykeeper is part of a new documentary from the Southern Exposure Film Fellowship.

The Hunter Biden laptops are really his laptops and it is alleged that Facebook overpaid the FTC by $5B to keep it on the downlow.

And we give the Gabby Petito case itโ€™s due. And your Attorney General Steve Marshall wants to end online censorship with the Alabama Freedom of Online Speech Act.

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