Afghan Evacuation

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Sleepy Joe has a $1T infrastructure package to sell you as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban (The graveyard of Empires).

Ripp recalls the fall of Saigon.

Baldwin and Mobile Counties are seeing a dramatic increase in the Delta Variant of SARS-COV-2, I mean when they have to close the “WAL-MARKS” it’s pretty bad.

The Fairhope City Council in their infinite wisdom has decided to pay employees an incentive to get the jab. Only after they have 35 employees out with the Virus that has infected 36,300,000 in the USA and claimed 619,000 lives.

Hospitals along the I-10 corridor from Houston to the Atlantic are out of ICU beds and tents are being set up to care for the sick, some in Mobile are waiting eight hour in the ER to get admitted for COVID treatment.

On July 28, 2021 a veteran of the Afghan war was killed by Sheriff’s Deputies in Elmore County. Retired Airforce Col Andy Pears looked on as his son, Jonathan Pears, was shot while wielding a blade a considerable distance from anyone whom he might have harmed.

Daphne considers a moratorium on Multifamily development, in a stunning reversal over the last (Catalyst) administration. The County Planning Commission approves a 288 unit multifamily project adjacent to Historic Malbis.

All this comes in the shadow of “The Taxman” Chris Elliott’s repeal of the Extraterritorial Planning and Police Jurisdiction, leaving our wetlands and the development of sites just outside the corporate limits at the mercy of the almighty dollar, it’s a boon for these Developers.

Who benefits and who loses? Not the Taxman and has pals, thats for sure.

Especially Sheriff Mack who, if he survives the plague that he didn’t believe in a year ago, will have to hire many more Deputy Sheriff’s to “Keep the Peoples Safe”. Hold on to your wallet County Commissioners (as an aside Elliott’s wife works for the Sheriff’s Department and HE is working every day for his developer pals from his Catalyst days).

Still no word on Mr. Rippโ€™s complaint with the Montgomery County Circuit Court regarding the Writ of Mandamus but the Ethics Commission did bother to file a Motion to Dismiss. And the Field of Dreams game was played this week, something to look forward to when we have some leadership and get this Pandemic under control.

Tubberville and Booker have an animated debate, welcome to the big leagues Coach!

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  1. Dave Feldman | August 15, 2021 at 5:33 am |

    military industrial complex wrecking sh*t. biden and his neo con buds are making billions…hunter has a new chinese gf.

    • That doesn’t make sense. The military industrial complex was making money off contracts the entire time. The whole war was a scam. Did you know that when countries allied with the US receive aid, they have to spend most of it on arms from the US in order to get it? That means most of the money given as “aid” to countries is really given to the arms industry. And Hunter is an artist now. Totally legit.

  2. Afghan Warrior | August 15, 2021 at 5:59 am |

    Don’t worry Ripp. Cuomo will save US.
    Oh wait!

  3. Angel Remembered | August 15, 2021 at 6:11 am |

    imagine being the president who lost to the stone throwing taliban. with rockets, tactical nukes and technology.

    • Let’s throw another 3 trillion into it. What’s the endgame?

    • Basically we’re policemen right now. And we’re not supposed to be policemen. We’ve been there for 19 years in Afghanistan. It’s ridiculous

    • From the website,

      Disclaimer: The AURS is a satirical critique by political candidate David Alexander Bramante, in association with his campaign David Bramante for Governor 2021.

      David is hoping to point out how dangerously close our society is to having a company like AURS exist, and a world where friends, family and neighbors are reporting each other to authorities.

      The emergency orders and government mandates must end, especially those involving vaccinations. David is the only candidate not accepting donations for his bid as California Governor.

      Please help get David elected in the upcoming September 14, 2021 recall election, by spreading this website, its meaning, and by pledging your vote. For more information about his campaign, visit:

  4. Bay Minette Lifer | August 15, 2021 at 10:25 am |

    I will be the first to admit Biden seems a little sheepish and is not having a good first term, but at least we don’t have to deal with mean tweets anymore.

  5. 10k americans trapped. Pray for there safety.

  6. NEWfairhopers | August 16, 2021 at 5:27 am |

    Where’s Biden?
    Diddling around?

  7. This is Trump’s fault. Squarely on his shoulders. He was too busy grabbing p when he should have been working on lockdowns, fake, poisonous vaccines and cracking down on anti-vaxers and anti-maskers.

  8. Clownshow fh | August 16, 2021 at 9:45 am |

    you not realize it yet?

    The census says this country is currently only 58% White. Due to the fact that we have no real way of knowing the amount of illegals here, the number is probably closer to 54% White. Within the next 5 years, America will be majority non-White.

    In other words, this country is no longer America. It has absolutely nothing in common with the America of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This is an entirely new country, and guess what? As many White people have already recognized – IT SUCKS. This country is garbage, and getting worse by the day. The big cities are simply places to avoid now. They’re not even suitable as tourist destinations.

    The culture is at an all-time low. Music, movies, etc. HORRIBLE, and bad for the children.

    For White people, there’s nowhere to go. Every White nation in the world is under attack in the exact same way by the exact same forces.
    It’s time for White people to take a step back from the TV, and really look at the state of the world, where things are headed, and consider our options

  9. โ€œTaliban tells CNN:America must trust usโ€

    • That’s the agreement Biden made with the Taliban. Under the agreement , the U.S. will withdraw nearly 5,000 troops from the country in 135 days in exchange for a Taliban agreement to not allow Afghanistan to be used for transnational terrorism.

  10. My sources in the military are saying that the Talliban are going door to door in Kabul looking for Americans and their sympathizers. Rape, torture, execution. All on Joe Biden and Kamala.

    • Oh give W Bush some credit and those who supported him.

    • That’s BS. Biden made an agreement with the Taliban. Under the agreement, the U.S. will withdraw nearly 5,000 troops from the country in 135 days in exchange for a Taliban agreement to not allow Afghanistan to be used for transnational terrorism. Quit your bs.

      • It was Trump, not Biden.

        • You are right! The agreement was with Trump. However, who in the hell begins extracting our U.S. citizens after..1. The majority of the military have left and 2. The almost 5000 Taliban prisoners had just been freed and 3rdโ€ฆ.a majority of our own citizens have not even been processed to leave.

    • Give it a rest already. Basically weโ€™re policemen right now. And weโ€™re not supposed to be policemen. Weโ€™ve been there for 19 years in Afghanistan. Itโ€™s ridiculous

  11. Jack 4fairhopia | August 16, 2021 at 5:54 pm |

    Give it a rest?
    Americans dying Ripp!
    If it saves one life…

  12. I want to see what Catalyst says before I form an opinion. This is their county and I am just in it

  13. news flash

    trump negotiations with taliban set this up.

    trump paid for some vaccines.
    trump got vaccinated.

    you don’t trust trump?

  14. African Decent | August 18, 2021 at 5:17 am |

    15k Americans in peril. Biden fiddles.

  15. Interesting that you support Biden, Ripp. That will get expensive in the coming days.

  16. Majority know joebama is a demented fool, the others won’t admit it, and the balance are beyond help. Joe and his handlerhas willfully botched every decision from day 1.

  17. Thelma Fairhoper | August 19, 2021 at 12:38 pm |

    Too bad he lost lives

  18. “The smartest person I know is my son, Hunter.”
    -Joe Biden

  19. I voted for Biden. He looked lost today. Make me feel better Ripp.

  20. Fairhoper4life | August 20, 2021 at 3:42 pm |

    You can get to the airport but we can’t guarantee we can fly you out.

    What the hell?

  21. What a people was and what a people is are two different things
    We are not the WWII generation that was raised in the Depression, won WWII, rebuilt Europe, and put people on the Moon. That generation did everything right but they spoiled their children. The next three generations are the product of the spoiled brats that were the Yuppies
    China will own us in ten years
    America, you traded you freedoms for folly. Damnation awaits you

    • life on easy street | August 20, 2021 at 11:23 pm |

      Growing up, how many people before 1990 went into lifelong debt over a bachelor’s degree? It doesn’t matter whether you think it’s worth it. Anyone you know?

      Growing up, how many people did you know who got into a car accident and ended up with a lifetime of debt before 1990?

      When you had a job, did or anyone you know have a manager make essentially the same amount of money as you but with twice the hours?

      Were law school grads clamoring for paralegal jobs when you were working?

      Doctors made great money. They don’t anymore and they work longer hours.

      You likely think minimum wage should stay where it’s at. Even after 20% inflation. If minimum wage is not enough to rent a room and eat…Who do you think is paying for that? Taxpayers. To the benefit of mainly large corporations. Subsidized by you as you cheer them on.

      Believe it or not, not everyone is as stupid as your grandson. You cut his education and now he doesn’t understand why a 30 year car loan is a bad idea. But you probably think the alternative was he could buy a house or start a business. Because you are out of touch with reality.

    • The Entitled Generation | August 20, 2021 at 11:24 pm |

      Ha ok. The Boomers reaped the benefits of the US being in a good position and entered at the end. With all the other economies destroyed, we were in the best position to finance. You lived your life on easy mode. Everything given to you behind the scenes, workers rights, etc, you stripped away for my generation.

      In 1997, I clearly remember my super conservative history teacher in my super conservative school telling me that my generation would be the first to earn less than their parents. That our wages has been stagnant when inflation is considered since the early 80’s. He got a big kick out of it. You got your cheap houses, cheap college education, high wages and benefits. Then sacrificed the later generations to keep your piece of the pie.

      Your generation has turned into a bunch of out of touch complainers. You lived life on easy mode. What you attained is not attainable today without inheritance.

    • What did you do to pay for your house? What job?

  22. anon voter fh | August 21, 2021 at 6:18 am |

    Ripp is Biden going to resign? He looks like he’s being led to slaughter.

  23. That psycho Marjorie Taylor Green has introduced impeachment proceeedings against Uncle Joe. It’s funny that the right calls her a patriot. She looks like a Karen on roids. This is our government. What a sick situation.

  24. Ripp Biden appears dead. Weekend at bernies. Damn shame you worship.commies.
    Its why you will never be popular in Alabama. You are a liberal socialist in a bright red state.

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