Pussy Galore

Backstory Podcast 110

The title has nothing to do with the trial of Jeffrey Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell which began this week indicating that Epstein visited President Clinton some 17 times at the White House- Baldwin County has a feral cat population of 70,000 and counting.

48,800,000 SARS-COV-2 cases in the USA with 785,900 deaths. The Omicron Variant is on the move having been detected in several States at this point. Again CDC guidelines suggest that while breakthrough infections for this new variant have been observed, so have mild symptoms for the vaccinated (and boostered) OR AT LEAST SO FAR.

Judge Randy Jinks is looking for a new job after his ouster as is former Congressman Bradley Byrne who has joined a law firm and is lobbying for local governments in the area.

We discuss the number of Officer Involved Shootings in North Baldwin County (an area with a population of 4,000). And the Lagniappe Mobile Newspaper takes another stab at the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and other journalists in the state that have failed to cover such political hot potatoes.

And Trump met with Old Peggy (AKA John Merrill, the Alabama Secretary of State)..most likely to get that filthy texting womanโ€™s phone number.

And old industrial machinery is being repurposed as artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.

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