Baldwin County Sheriff

Corrupt politicians and elected officials in Alabama have been emboldened by the Alabama Supreme Court and the Ethics Commission’s recent rulings. While citizens of Alabama are distracted by national politics, their own state, keeps sinking deeper into the sewer of corruption.

Take all the crime in Baldwin County and the money stolen as a result of crime, add it together and it does not even come close to the amount of money that white collar crime and political corruption costs TAXPAYERS of Baldwin County, every year.

Baldwin County is well known for election rigging, from Don Sigleman, Fairhope, Judge Thomasson and even the sheriff, who decides who is qualified for sheriff.

“Baldin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack came up with the standards that are included in Senate Bill 312.”

Sheriff Mack had help with the legislation with then State Senator Tripp Pittman. Remember him he stole $750,000 of BP money. Birds of the same feather.

Baldwin County is now in a very dangerous situation. The Alabama Supreme Court has insulated the Baldwin County Sheriff Department, BCSO, from any transparency or accountability. Your tax dollars and more importantly your rights are now in the hands of the BCSO.

“Ponder the scope of today’s decision: The statute will now hide from the public eye ‘any materials related to a particular investigation;’ all ‘items of substantive evidence that existed before the investigation began, such as video recordings or documentary evidence relevant to the crime.’” Chief Justice Tom Parker.

“The Alabama Supreme Court rejected a request from the Lagniappe in Mobile, which wanted Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack to release all the details, about a 2017 traffic stop and fatal shooting, to the public.”

Baldwin County Commission considers 2021 budget; approves body cam contract

“the commission also approved a $662,597 expenditure for 129 body cameras and related technology for the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO). “

This, $662,597.00, is taxpayer money the County Commission approved the for police cameras. It was approved on the basis of furthering transparency and accountability, in the BCSO, and the Sheriff echoed this intention, the loudest.

Now the Sheriff can “LEGALLY” refuse to produce any taxpayer camera footage or any information at all. Your tax money and your rights just went down the drain.

The Supreme Court decision, comes on the heels of the revelation that the Executive Director of the Ethics Commission and his former law partners, Judge, and Regions Bank awarding their children scholarship money, hundreds of thousands of dollars from a trust where they were trustees.

Mabel Amos Memorial fund — More scholarship money for Ethics chief’s kids

“Albritton is not the only former member of the firm that drafted Amos’ will to have benefitted from the Mabel Amos Memorial Foundation. Covington County Circuit Court Judge Ben Bowden said last week that his child was a scholarship recipient. According to 990 records, scholarships awarded to SMU totaled $45,000 between 2014 and 2017. Bowden said he couldn’t remember how much money was awarded, but did confirm his child attended SMU. “

The Alabama Attorney General, Ethics Commission, Alabama Bar and Judiciary held their noses and allowed the Ethics Commission Director, Tom Albritton and his associates to continue to fleece the trust.

Sheriff Mack is an excellent politician. As far as a peace officer and a criminal investigator, his record is dismal. He has lied to his constituents, in front of the county commission, and has cost taxpayers millions, for cameras and other equipment, that provided not one cent worth of accountability, transparency or ethics.

Sheriff Mack is the number one elected official in Baldwin County, that needs to be voted out of his position. We need a new Sheriff, that is not connected to the good ole boys, or selected by Sheriff Hoss Mack, to be his replacement.

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