After 9 years of Jack Burrell tenaciously holding on to, the position of President of the Fairhope Council, it may come to an end tonight. Jack has soiled the seat of council president to a point that a new chair is necessary. Jackโ€™s legacy is infamous and it has cost the taxpayers millions. If you think he is relinquishing the seat out of courtesy, then have another drink.

If Jack falls out of the chair tonight, you will hear more B.S from the rest of the council as to what a good job he did. They will pour it on like syrup on pancakes. The truth of the matter is the last council was the worst in Fairhope history, and this council is barely holding itโ€™s head above water.

The Mayor has pledged to โ€œembrace developmentโ€, her words. Her campaign was supported by developers, the municipal judge and Catalyst, the council enjoys the same contributors. They are responsible for the out of control development, lack of infrastructure and degrading quality of life in Fairhope.

The most likely candidate to clean the chair, before sitting in it, is Jimmy Conyers. Jimmy, a banker, is the most likable and certainly has been more of a gentleman than the rest. Jimmy has one major flaw, he is gullible and too often silent. He has turned a blind eye to conflicts of interest and the self dealing some council members have enjoyed. As a banker, during a development boom, he is in a precarious position.

The current council has one member, Jay Robinson, that was appointed by council, Burrell. to be specific, to replace Robert Brown, who quit and walked out. Jay Robinson, who will collect his check and full family coverage insurance, estimated at $100,000, will do as he is told. This was one of those times that Jimmy sat in silence.

One member, Cory Martin won, when his opposition dropped out of the race. Cory replaces Jimmy as being the most gullible. Cory has been enjoying his status as council member, however he has forgotten the African American community in Fairhope. Get a map Cory and find Young Street.


Letโ€™s hope he wakes up and does something other than agreeing 100% of the time with council and rubber stamping what the Mayor wants.

Last but not least is Kevin Boone, who does nothing unless it benefits him. Kevinโ€™s son is Scott Boone the main instigator of Catalyst. Kevin, Mayor Sullivan and Scott are joined at the hip. They tried every dirty trick in the book to overthrow Mayor Wilson. When that did not work they sabotaged her every move. THEY REPRESENT DEVELOPERS AND SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Fairhope Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker, is also a developer and major contributor of the Mayor, in Fairhope. You can thank him for the barb wire, chain link fenced, storage units, butted up to Fairhope High School. He is appointed by the council, Jack Burrell to be specific, as Judge and the council ultimately approves any of his development plans. He should resign his position however, it is his position that works for his benefit. The council members all claim to be friends with the good judge and some have flown in his private jet, blindly, they see no conflict. The actions of the judge are contrary to the Judicial Canons of the Alabama Judiciary. But, what the hell this is Alabama!

Council tonight may be musical chairs, they may serve pancakes and syrup, or fried chicken and watermelon. Desert is going to be doled out throughout the rest of their administration, it will not be eatable.

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  1. Jane Good ALL | November 16, 2021 at 11:24 am |

    This is like the Beverly Hillbillies on shrooms. God help Fairhope, a once beautiful, idylic Christian town. Thank you for persistence in exposing corruption in our town. I moved here from outside Minneapolis three years ago and I sense a change in the place. I pray for our guided future. We need real Christian men representing us. A woman or two wouldn’t hurt, either.

  2. But Catalyst is Christian – and conservative too

  3. The ghost of Trip Pittman | November 17, 2021 at 10:53 am |

    Catalyst is neither conservatives nor Christians. Wake up ๐Ÿ‘.

  4. Karen Williams | November 17, 2021 at 2:43 pm |

    One can only wonder if the city council has been vaccinated. My bet is they have not.

  5. Me thinks the gubment should govern us harder.

    • vaccine bad because vaccine bad!!! Not the other ones I had in the past. Vaccine baaaad!!!

      Fun fact, if you cooked food on teflon, you got a nice dose of a chemical that mimics estrogen. Except for it doesn’t go away. But they got rid of that right? Know what happens when you used a scratched non stick cookware? Yep, you guessed it, big dose of permanent estrogen. Ever drink from a plastic bottle left out in the sun? Estrogen. Did you know girls have been going through puberty at a younger age? Did you know that sperm count is down significantly among the youth? Anyway, vaccine baaaaad!! Regulation baaad!!!

      • That’s not fair for DOW chemicals or whatever they are called today! Don’t you know that millenials and below spontaneously became sissies!?? We “raised our kids wrong” and now they spontaneously are all mentally ill!! Stop blaming the CEO’s!! They need to feed their families. On cast iron of course.

  6. Surely there is something good about Fairhope.

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