Here we go again, for over 20 years Alabama has been discussing a lottery. All that time while they were discussing gambling, Alabama was exporting dollars to other state’s lottery.

β€œThe Legislative Services Agency estimated last year that a lottery would bring $272 million to $358 million to the state annually.”

β€œa constitutional amendment and enabling legislation β€” would create a state lottery, the proceeds of which would fund higher educations scholarships”

How much has Alabama lost in lottery income ?

β€œIn December 2020 the group released a report projecting that gaming could boost state revenue by around $710 million per year. That figure is based on estimates that 60 percent of Alabamians would gamble, raising funds from a lottery ($300 million), casinos ($300-$400 million) and a sportsbook ($10-$15 million). The report recommended legalizing all forms of gambling.”

How much have we lost in lottery income in the last 23 years?



How much lottery money has surrounding states collected on their lottery from Alabamians who travel over the state line to buy tickets?

Any lottery approved should be a strict education lottery.

Why is Alabama always dead last?

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6 Comments on "ROLL OF THE DICE"

  1. Threesomes.
    Rolls of the dice.

    See you in Biloxi!!

  2. Ripp FAN2 | March 5, 2022 at 5:38 am |

    Dice game in the gulley!!!

  3. Average Joseph Taxpayer | March 5, 2022 at 5:54 am |

    Ripp they gonna steal that lottery money for sure.

    • Of course they will. You got their number, Joseph Taxpayer
      Now I want to see Boone, Cox, and Armstrong in the gulley. TODAY! I will be gentle

  4. I agree with the above poster. Lottery proceeds are already stolen. If it passes it should be mandated only for schools. Alabama cannot afford another blunder.

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