Fairhope, aka Fauxhope, last municipal election fell prey to the political cabal, Catalyst, now branded as Scott Boone Consulting. They did a bang up good job for the special interests, developers and political candidates, they selected and supported.

Mayor Sherry Sullivan has been their darling since Tim Kant was Mayor. Sherry, upon winning the position was rewarded with the additional position of utility director, along with that came a second paycheck from the city. The same model former Mayor Tim Kant followed.

Kant, used the position of utility director to manipulate the purse strings of utilities. Mayor Wilson who unseated Can’t, thought that holding both positions was not financially prudent and posed a conflict of interest, receiving two checks from the city. She refused the money and separated the utilities finances from the city. Wilson also cut off the corruption circulation of the good ole boys.

Mayor Sullivan and council reversed Wilson’s decision about utilities and open the door for Catalyst.

In the 16 years of Can’t the flowers bloomed and Fairhope was a retirement community on beautiful Mobile Bay. Can’t worked hard to win every vanity award the city could frame, from best flowers to best retirement community. The perfect setting for a book, that only has a cover.

Fauxhope was born. During the Cant administration the infrastructure of the community was totally ignored. Sewage spilled into the bay with every heavy, and sometimes moderate rain. The flowers and appeal of Fauxhope continued. However their was a shift from retirement community to bedroom community, perfect for young families with kids. The population doubled in about 10 years, however Fauxhope ignored infrastructure and had no understanding of Quality of Life. Schools are overloaded and taxpayers can expect more taxes coming.

In the last 20 years Fauxhope has had about 4 or 5 comprehensive plans. A comprehensive plan that last an average of 4 years is no plan, just a diversion. A comprehensive plan designed and signed off by the very predators it is designed to eliminate, is disingenuous to say the least.

After 16 years of infrastructure neglect and Mayor Cant’s draining of the utility fund while supporting the Fly Creek Apartments, he was defeated by Karin Wilson. This had a profound effect on the community. The council remained the same and they launched a political vendetta against Wilson for 4 years. Public bulling of the Mayor could be witnessed at council meeting and anything the Mayor proposed they opposed.

In spite of no council support, Mayor Wilson accomplished more in 4 years than Cant did in 16. Infrastructure was one goal and believe it or not, the council, the same as today, with the exception of Councilman Cory Martin, slowed any positive efforts to address the issue. She separated the utilities finances and salary as it’s director, from the city’s.

With the council praying she would quit, Wilson secured millions of dollars in grants, dedicated to infrastructure. Infrastructure projects that will take this council its entire elected term to complete. Wilson also secured a grant for 6.2 million for a waterfront project that is now in danger of losing the funds due to the current Mayor and Council’s procrastination and bickering.

In 2020 the good ole boys led by Catalyst won, it was a perfect coup and Fauxhope was theirs. They controlled the Mayor, Council, municipal Judge, municipal attorney, police and planning. Mayor Sullivan quickly pledged to “Embrace Development”.

“Embracing Development” as a motto and complete control of the city was all the “selected” developers needed to set off an even more fevered pitch to develop at all costs. Everything from storage buildings, thanks to the Judge, to dollar stores were popping up on unzoned property, surrounding the community. Within Fauxhope houses were being demolished replaced by new expensive homes, or as in the case of the First Baptist Church turned into parking lots.

Unzoned areas, like District 8 and 37 better get zoned because the last thing you should consider is being annexed into Fauxhope. Vote for zoning Feb 15 2022.

No one moved to Fairhope to become involved in politics and most people have no idea of the white collar crime and political corruption that ferments in Fauxhope. Ya think that is a little harsh?

Consider this:

Mayor Sullivan was recruited, financed and is owned by Catalyst, the good ole boys or Scott Boone Consulting. A back door political cabal that has a strangle hold on Fauxhope as well as Baldwin County.

The municipal judge is one of the largest developers in Fauxhope, he is appointed by the council who also signs off on his developments. He has his permits in place and the moratorium will not effect him.

The municipal attorney is an attorney for the city council, not the city. His job is covering their ass and he will do it at all costs.

Council President Conyers is best friends with Scott Boone as well as the municipal Judge the developer. Conyers is a banker, ask him how many development loans he has processed?

Councilman Boone is the father of Scott Boone, talk about having an inside man. Kevin is also a developer ,go figure, he will not have to worry about a moratorium, he is laughing all the way to Conyers bank.

Councilman Burrell is probably the worst of the worst, you absolutely cannot believe a word he says.

Burrell has cost Fauxhope millions and has been in office since Cant. Burrell is directly responsible for the neglect of infrastructure and the motivation behind, Embracing Development, for his friends.

Councilman Robinson is an opportunistic politician, appointed not elected, who is enjoying full family insurance, and over a 100,000 salary for his term, compliments of the city. He will jump through any hoop the good ole boys hold up.

Councilman Cory Martin won by having no competition. He was not Catalyst but they are telling him what to say and he is drinking the cool aid while enjoying that full family insurance. Ask Cory if he knows what part of Fauxhope is African American?


The Fauxhope City Council is now telling you that this moratorium is designed to apply brakes on development. Ha Ha the joke is on Fauxhope. The developers like Boone and Judge Snedeker are laughing their asses off all the way to Conyers bank. They now have a monopoly on development and if you are not on the inside, you are outside.

Citing ‘explosive growth,’ Fairhope imposes 12-month subdivision moratorium

“We are blessed to live in a community where for the second time in five years, we’ve had to contemplate a moratorium,” he said. “There are a lot of towns in Alabama that would love to have this problem. But while we’re doing that, we need to recognize we want to grow as a community, just something we can manage in a way where we have a place people continue to want to move to.” Council President Jimmy Conyers

If you believe this then you live in Fauxhope and enjoy the MORATORIUM PARTY.

Conyers then covered his butt with statement he knows and has known for years:

“that completed applications will not be affected, and the moratorium will likely not result in a noticeable decrease in ongoing or planned construction around town.”

Then why have a Moratorium?

Ask Jimmy, How many COMPLETED APPLICATIONS exist and who are they, or what LLC they are hiding behind ?

Welcome to Fauxhope, The MORATORIUM PARTY is invitation only.

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8 Comments on "MORATORIUM PARTY"

  1. Ripp, Ripp, Ripp,
    This is THEIR town. We just live in it.

    • Francis Ripp | December 21, 2021 at 6:09 pm |

      100% Catalyst Scott Boone Consulting

      • You must EMBRACE THE SUCK – at least until next election. But I fear SCB/Catalyst has a hard lock on the elections. They play on the ignorance of the voters.
        Being a Conservative Christian goes a long way here…

  2. Jim From Tuscaloosa | December 22, 2021 at 8:40 pm |

    What was there 15% turn out ? No one cares .


    • People were too busy working overtime paying mortgages on their DR Horton, TruLand, and Cox-built houses
      These developers buy the council members with money paid by the mortgages.
      I don’t know if the developers are evil, the voters are stupid, or both.

    • Typical politics today. | December 28, 2021 at 10:33 am |

      Like it would matter if they voted. From the article yesterday about this,

      During an interview on WABF 1480-AM, Wilson said that “20 years ago, we had no idea anyone would build apartments on Lawrence Road.” She said that resident who once recoiled over the thought of rezoning, now view the additional bureaucracy as something “that can protect us.”

      So for 20 years, the residents vehemently opposed zoning. They can’t tell us what to do! Communists!!

      And guess who benefited in the end?? Not you. You invited them in. You saw the town growing, and you chose not to get zoned. Because you never looked into it.

      Funny how the things people are so vehemently against just ends up benefiting the rich guy that lives somewhere else. What a coincidence!

      You get what you vote for. If you can’t think 2 minutes into the future, that’s your fault. I hope they stop the development and get sued.

  3. Mister Ripp it appears the gene pool is tainted.

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