Fried Chicken and Watermelon

Tonight the Fairhope Rotary Youth Club will be hosting Fairhope Council and members of the so called the Fairhope Comprehensive Plan.

What a Joke!

The very youth club that they are meeting in has been financially neglected for years. The club is on Young Street, the heart of the African American Community. Tim Can’t used to visit the community every 4 year election cycle. He would show up with fried chicken and watermelon.

He would not show up again for the next 4 years and the community would be left with empty promises.

The current Mayor is 100% backed by developers. Her campaign contributions prove that as well as her motto: “Embrace Development”. The City Council is no different, they represent development and special interests.

Council President “sneaky” Jack Burrell, with the assistance of councilman Boone and then councilman Brown were responsible for the 2.65 million dollar purchase of farmland, near the airport. The optional site, for a park, was much more strategically located to facilitate the black community and the Youth Club. The purchased property was leased back for farmland at 9000 dollars a year and remains so today.

The Comprehensive Plan is an annual function that the city goes through for you to feel warm and fuzzy about being a part of Fairhope. Ask yourself this, Do you think that the city has been following any comprehensive plan involving the:

1. Electric sub stations they put up in neighborhoods? With no screen fencing or landscaping.

2. The Fairhope Airport that is allotted over 350 thousand a year for the 1%, with no return. Do not be surprised one day to hear the airport has been named the Burrell-Snedeker International Airport.

3. Ask the Comprehensive Plan representatives about the 11.25 million that they had to pay for the triangle property as a legal settlement. The property today shows no improvements.

4. Ask about the over 5 million dollar purchase of the K-1 center. Drive by and tell me where is the comprehensive plan.

5. Where was the comprehensive plan when Fairhope built the sub standard soccer fields and parking area? Millions went to select contractors

6. How about the 6.2 million dollar Waterfront Park project? This is a grant, awarded during Mayor Wilson’s administration. The current administration made it a political issue and over one year has been wasted because they have NO PLAN.

7. Former Mayor Tim Can’t ignored Fairhope infrastructure for 16 years and let’s not forget that the current Mayor was his sidekick. Mayor Wilson ‘s administration was awarded over 10 million dollars in grants for sewer and infrastructure. The current administration is struggling to accomplish the projects handed down from the last administration.

8. What about Young Street Youth Club? What about YOUR neighborhood? What has Fairhope done for the African American Community? Not one damn thing.

9. Where was the comprehensive plan when developers built the Publix strip center? Dig a hole next to a creek and put a strip center and apartments in it. That plan has cost the city millions and 5 lawsuits.

Un-zoned areas in the African American Community are wedged between the Fairhope municipal boundaries and RSA/Point Clear. Now is the time for these un-zoned areas to be zoned and to protect themselves from Fairhope and any plan they may have. Fairhope has done nothing to advance the community. The Fairhope Comprehensive Plan will encourage development and annexation within the un-zoned areas.

VOTE for Planning district 8, Get zoned.

The City of Fairhope violates it’s own rules and any so called comprehensive plan, on a regular basis.

So the audience should ask the “Planners” Just what are you going to do for the Young Street Rotary Youth Club? Our Community? Our infrastructure? What part does the African American Community have in the Comprehensive Plan? Tell them to keep their fried chicken and watermelons.

May I suggest keeping your back against the wall and feet off the floor during the presentation.

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  1. Kant patron | November 5, 2021 at 6:22 pm |

    This is severely racist. Disgusting lies here.

  2. Great info, Paul!

  3. Age b4 beauty | November 6, 2021 at 6:25 am |

    What has Kant ever done for Fairhope aside from giving Trip a 750k boom contract?
    Fairhope is sliding downhill fast yall.
    The place is becoming too crowded. You think things are getting better? 😂

    • Fairhope is ruined because the developers own the city politicians. Burrell and his ilk need to be sent to Hell

  4. Longtimer fh | November 7, 2021 at 8:37 am |

    I heard that the vaccines for kids are rolling out. The government needs to govern us harder. We are underserved.

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