The Fairhope City Council is using the Baldwin County Political Dictionary’s definition for “Fairness”. First, the council implements a hiring freeze to punish the mayor for firing two employees. Then they side with the developer and reject overwhelming objections from the public. This was done to be “Fair” and because of “the threat of a lawsuit.” Now the Council has moved to remove the Director of Economic and Community Development, Sherry-Lea Bloodworth-Botop, by reducing funds in the budget, thus killing the director’s job.

While the council was being “Fair” by back stabbing her and eliminating her position, she was in Washington D. C. representing Fairhope. She has been working for the city for over 4 months and has relocated in Fairhope after she and her husband quit their jobs and sold their home in Washington D. C.
and purchased a home in Fairhope. She has been highly professional and interacted with council and employees while avoiding any controversy whatsoever, an accomplishment in itself.

On a kitchen table Councilmen Boone and Councilmen Brown decided to cut money going to economic and community development. Think about that— a 60 million plus budget and for the price of a police car, or reducing services at the golf course or whatever, Councilmen Burrell , as president of the council, using every “Fair” fiber in his body, eliminated economic and community development— by just pouring salt on it. This was all done in the spirit of being “fair”, and let’s not leave out Christian Values.

Community affairs engages citizens, helps organizations and neighborhood associations, something Fairhope has always ignored. Economic development is self explanatory and desperately, needed at this time of rapid growth.

Community groups assist city officials with neighborhood projects – Lagniappe Mobile

Whether it’s completing a sidewalk project or arguing in favor of new zoning rules, a number of community groups have sprouted around Mobile to help accomplish neighborhood goals. Based on the success of the Village of Spring Hill, members of groups such as Mobile Midtown Movement, The Peninsula of Mobile and the Africatown Community Development …


This “Fairness is killing us”, the citizens who are suffering the consequences, while Council wages war, with the Mayor at our expense.


Please contact Councilmen Conyers, Brown and Robinson. Do not waste your time with Burrell or Boone— tell them we cannot afford to do business as if it were 1960. The action by Mr Burrell to use his position, was self serving, selfish and a very very bad financial decision. Call, email or show up May 8th at the next council meeting and stand up and demand they fund, what we have already agreed to do.

At the last council meeting, Mr Boone was again asked to recuse himself on voting on issues related to Angelo Corte, Preeble-Rish or the Fly Creek Pud. He responded that he was not a partner in any Llc. that would be a conflict of interest. Damn he was telling the truth, the llc’s made public January 25,


Well if you read the wonderful Wednesday this week, BIT DOGS BARK FIRST – THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Well folks if you were watching football this last Monday night and have…




Dear Fairhope City Council: Recently several articles have been written in reference to Councilman Kevin Boone and the business connections he has through several LLC to individuals and engineering company Preble-Rish that are conflicts of…


were dissolved by Mr Boone only 6 days after we published them.

Now what do you think?

BA-101, LLC
Entity ID Number451 – 082
Entity TypeDomestic Limited Liability Company
Principal AddressFAIRHOPE, AL
Principal Mailing AddressNot Provided
Dissolved Date1-31-2017
Place of FormationBaldwin County
Formation Date4-29-2004
Registered Agent NameBOONE, KEVIN G
Registered Office Street Address18431 KEVIN BOONE DR
Registered Office Mailing AddressNot Provided
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid In
Member Street AddressNot Provided
Member Mailing AddressNot Provided
Member NameAVENT, JOHN G
Member Street AddressNot Provided
Member Mailing AddressNot Provided
Scanned Documents
Purchase Document Copies
Document Date / Type / Pages4-29-2004     Certificate of Formation     31 pgs.
Document Date / Type / Pages2-6-2017     Dissolution     2 pgs.


Our council has ignored Mr. Boone’s conflict of interest and the controversy involving Mr. Burrell and the airport. The ethics commission compels the council to report suspected illegal activity. They remain mute.

Boone and Burrell Fairhope

“I swear Beavis, I have covered my tracks, don’t you have a plane to catch?”

On Wonderful Wednesday, the Ripp Report will cover what we know about the “gift” of the lift station property. I am leaving you with 3 documents I have acquired through public domain for your consideration. Please contact the city council for an explanation or wait till Wonderful Wednesday.

Thanks for the “gift” Jack, come fly with me.

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What a load of Factpinions

“And effectively doing that with the Director of Economic and Community Development. Council cut that department despite the fact that the department, for all practical purposes, is essentially the same as the prior Community and Rec. Department. Then telling the Director of Economic and Community Development to apply for the department head job in the prior Community and Rec. Department. If it was a salary issue, why not just tell the Mayor that the Director of Economic and Community Development would be dropped pay grades just like the Operations Director. Instead, it is the Council (i.e. 5 men who are… Read more »
I am very upset with the Council for prolonging the Fly Creek Apartment debacle; however, I agree with them that the ‘new department’ was a waste of Fairhope’s money. It appeared all along that Mrs. Botop was hired because of her friendship with the Mayor and she has been extremely overpaid. Their DC jobs must not have been much if they both quit and moved here without even giving her new job a trial run. The position should have been posted and then candidates interviewed. I don’t see anything in Mrs. Botop’s experience that would qualify her as the best… Read more »

You are part of the problem of you agree that Econ/Comm Dev waste of money.
This position was posted which is more than can be said for the previous administrstion.
All Kant did was hire his unqualified cronies.
Men are threatened by highly intellegent women.

You are no differwnt thanthe small-minded councilmen.

No, men are not threatened by highly intelligent women, my wife is highly intelligent and a professional and I am not threatened. When I was a CEO, I had more female executive officers than men, I hired the most qualified not based upon sex, race, etcetera, etc.

Who ever posted this is clearly sexist and short-sighted.

The multiple Chambers of Commerce address these issues daily. Fairhope does not need this position.

burrell and boone are jokes. Brown is now burrell’s lap dog? that did not take long.

The developers and Catalyst will eventually get their apartments in Fly Creek. I hope I am wrong, but this network is so thick and money-laden that they will either buy anyone needed or run over them who cannot be bought.

I don’t think the mayor can be bought thank God!

Anyone can be bought, anyone, power somehow has a way of causing individuals to lose their clarity.

Why did kant sign anything? He was defeated!

I have watched all the council work sessions and formal meeting now (whoo), and I have to say this, the mayor did indicate that she wanted this position and this would keep her from eliminating others from the payroll. And the mayor stated she already had someone in mind, the position was not created yet, nor was it posted but she already had been talking to Botop. It is all sad, I really wished the mayor had not come into office with all the threats, it has been a disservice to all. Also, if I were the mayor, given her… Read more »

You watched all the council meetings and this is all you got? Must be Theodore Hunter again but now you have to post as Anonymous?
The average citizen thinks the councilmen in general are not working for the betterment of Fairhope. Just can’t figure out why. Not educated, special interests or listening to wrong c

I totally agree. Whoever is advising her is leading her over a cliff. I voted for her and am still happy that she won, but I am not ‘with’ her on some of her current issues. Botop was a major PR mistake on her part and she needs to get over it. Also, her press conferences about reducing city services b/c the Council has instituted a hiring freeze have been major mistakes. She is the one who took months to present a budget; city services were not affected by the freeze b/c it affected so few positions, and she has… Read more »
The Mayor did not come into office with threats. Go back and watch the first four council meetings and you can see Burrell and Boone threw everything at the Mayor except the kitchen sink. Has she made mistakes, yes, did she have a smooth transition into office, hell no they fought her starting the day after she won. Issues like the airport lift station apartments soccer fields triangle lawsuit and the sewer plant all have issues. What is happening is those issues are rising to the surface because fresh eyes are looking at them. Mr Burrell and Mr Boone have… Read more »
The mayor did indeed make threats from the beginning, she made allegations against many of the council. The mayor did upset the apple cart, but upsetting the apple cart is not the goal, the goal is to lead, leaders become leaders by getting things done, not pointing fingers, not blaming everyone for what happened in the past, the past is the past and can not be changed, period. The mayor lack leadership skills, you may not want to hear this, and she may not want to hear this, but this is true. She needs to learn to shut up, listen… Read more »

Past is the past….unless the statute of limitations have not been exceeded.
And you aren’t very polite. Telling people to shut up. That’s not a debate that’s just rude

Sometimes when people do not take subtle hints or talks, and talks, and talks, saying the same thing over and over and over, it’s appropriate to tell someone to shut up! AND if they still want stop talking, then you take the microphone from them. Here is a question for you knowledgeable folks on here: Has any council member ever interrupted the mayor as a town hall meeting, has a council member ever spoke at a town hall meeting without the mayor recognizing them? The town meetings are the mayor’s, the council meetings belong to the council. Public participation is… Read more »

An independent advisory board made up of volunteers, concerned citizens willing to help the community, not political and low profile, I agree, certainly not me. I am serious.

I agree you would not be someone that could advise, you are too passionate and have made too many complaints and accusations (nothing personal). The mayor has to want advice, she has to want to listen to some that are not political motivated or someone that that didn’t support anyone. She must learn to listen to others that view things through a different lens, not family, not her sister, not her friends nor someone that has run for office that lost. Someone has to look themselves in the mirror first, one must learn to self-actualize before they can listen to… Read more »

The Fly Creek issue is what put her in office, now we see a council with amnesia. The Airport Authority problem she inherited citizens came to her and reported wrongdoing> What should she do? When government changes only once in 16 years you can count on the type push back we are seeing.At least you cannot buy her. The problem is some people do not want to change, I respect that but you cannot have the growth we are experiencing and not be a little progressive.

You don’t know if you can buy her, you assume she can’t be bought. Indeed the Fly Creek issue did help put her into office but the fix is not pointing fingers, the past is the past. She can not undo what had been done, start looking to the future and not the past. But we would hope she was elected for more than just Fly Creek, we hope she was elected for her leadership skills, the ability to unite a city for the common good, right? Perhaps people around like the way it is, there is a reason we’re… Read more »

More mixed metaphors than I want to keep up with.
Go back to Dale Carnegie ….

Never attended Dale Carnegie, simply put, everyone needs to stop assuming and state facts as they know it to be. Folks need to stop trying to tell everyone around here what is wrong with us. Now, if you don’t like the way Alabama is, then get the hell out! Is that Dale Carnegie enough for you?

More like Dale Earnhardt

What kind of city pumps human feces into a recreational water body? Fairhope is not fair and has zero hope.

Thanks for trying Mr Ripp. It’s over. The GOB always win.

Why don’t you use the euphemism “old guard” as instead of good ole boys, because I am a good ole boy with zero contacts or power!

Good Point

It’s time for a fresh start. It’s tiring to see such division. My hope is that everyone starts to get along : council and Mayor, citizens and council, citizens and Mayor, citizens and citizens. We all want what is best for Fairhope. It’s time to move forward.

The mayor made this statement “It’s not personal, it’s business.” “But business is personal…and politics is too.” She needs to practice what she preaches, she is the one that has accused others of wrongdoing, but it is not personal to them? Did it take this long to get this? You don’t think the folks she has accused doesn’t have a family too, their families hear their family members accused of wrongdoing….that it not hurtful? The mayor needs to stand up, and apologize for all the accusations, then move forward. This requires leadership at the highest level and we’ll see if… Read more »

I saw two big turds floating in the bay today.

I looked again. It was Jack And Boone. Beavis and Butthead.

Are You Surprised at all??????

So Boone reads the Ripp Report

No he has his Catalyst bosses do it for him

If Fairhope wanted to solve many of these political issues that would move the government to council-city manager form.

We must stop growing rapidly and invest in infrastructure before it is too late. We have placed the cart before the horse.

Booby J you are so correct. But infrastructure improvements won’t happen until the predatory developers make their cash and then the city will have to upgrade under the guise of it being s crisis. Then we will ALL have to pay for the upgrades. The developers make their money at our cost

I wish individuals on this site would have some facts before they post. If anyone would go down to city hall ask how much money is brought in from building fees one would ba amazed. It brings in millions and millions, it actually brings in so much that if the city stopped growth or drop growth to 2 – 3%, the city would have to cut back on a lot of the spending for the ‘feel good” items here in Fairhope. Get the facts, then post, and remember, the facts are, among other issues that if the city had not… Read more »

You can’t really believe that without continuous growth Fairhope could not afford flowers and lights downtown.
Not sure how long you have been around Fairhope but we have had Christmas lights and flowers downtown years before the uncontrolled growth.

Keep the building moratorium in place for at least a year.

The problem is those impact fees, millions, ended up being used for attorneys and lawsuits not infrastructure. The triangle lawsuit cost us 11.25 million and required a 3 million down payment which came from the electric dept. that now needs 3 million of infrastructure work? Sewer ground lines and lift stations need million to upgrade system in order to get sewage to plant? In short the money collected was not spent on infrastructure or maintenance.

Who was mayor and on the council at that time?

I really can’t wait until growth does stop, this budget will shrink like a pond in Alabama during the month of July.

Donation for this, a donation for that will go away, and then everyone will come to understand how development helps a city’s budget. Retail, retail, and retail will help build schools and roads.

If anyone understands anything about finance knows this, but no, everyone on this site knows everything about everything, gezzzz.

Especially you Mr Developers son

Why is it that all these politicians pretend to be Christian?
Burrell and Pittman have a prayer group every Wednesday.
Who is the patron saint of politicians?

The mayor lists her occupation as a politician now???

I voted for her (as did many others, 500 more than voted for King Kant). She has rewarded her supporters by crowning herself Queen. Every time I hear her speak about how ‘the citizens want Botop or whatever else’, I want to tell her that, if I knew about this before the vote, I would never have voted for her……and I am probably one of the last ‘Citizens’ that I know who would not throw her out of office in a heartbeat! She has become delusional…….sympathies to her adorable daughters and husband.

Indeed, yes indeed she has crowned herself queen, as so has her closest friends, and I am still laughing at the post on Facebook about the olive branch. She once again is blaming her action on how she was spoken to, and how the city attorney spoke to her. I wonder if she has ever recorded herself and then listen to it. For once, she needs to stand up like a leader, take action for what she did and then put it behind her, move forward. Nothing worse than a leader blaming someone else for their own actions. She truly… Read more »

Well at least I know that Karin is honest and not in this “Mayorship” for the money like previous Mayors or council members (previous or current). And when I say money, I mean dirty money…The kind that Jack and Boone and Judge Snedeker and his partner Ray Hix and Angelo Corte and Tim Kant and Tut Wynne….. And should I go on????
Karin Wilson is not the problem here folks, the city council is playing a smoke and mirrors game with everyone and YOU ALL ARE FALLING FOR IT!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

Pittman who stole 750,000 dollars of BP money while being the trustee, and come fly with me Burrell in the same prayer group? what God are they praying to?

Who were the lawyers involved in this deeded gift of wetlands?